Goddess Of The Shadows

Goddess Of the shadows
Goddess Of the shadows, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Goddess Of The Shadows

Goddess Of The Shadows: What you perceive to be your dark side holds a hidden treasure.”

“Realize that any perception of belief you have about yourself or others is actually a deception more than it is a perception. What you perceive to be your dark side or shadow self holds a hidden treasure. As humans, we rarely see the full picture in any situation because we are forever stuck in the illusion of good and bad. You judge your positive and negative qualities and strive to be more of what you perceive to be positive while attempting to disown or neglect those aspects which you consider to be negative. By holding this belief, you fail to realize that all serves a purpose and that all benefits you in some way.

Everything is our world is made up o positive and negative charges, which together make a whole. You have been guided to choose this card by your soul, because you are ready to move to the next level of conscious awareness. Over the coming months you will find yourself questioning many of your long-held beliefs and you will realize that many of them are simply illusions that only serve to keep you feeling small, inadequate or restricted. This card heralds the start of a wondrous and empowering period of your life which brings to the surface many beautiful experiences and opportunities, which in the past, you never thought possible.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

Embrace every aspect of who you are; as you are Divine; you are a part of All That Is. There is no right or wrong; and you lack harmony, Dear One, when you stifle parts of you that you have been told are not proper; too selfish; or create feelings of “not fitting in.” You have compromised your beautiful self, and it’s time to break free of the restraints and shine your light on the world; knowing that once you have this freedom to shine, everything else will gracefully fall into place. The things that seem to be lacking in your present circumstances are due to the blocks you have created within yourself. Take down the walls, brick by brick. Bless and release; forgive and move on. When you can do this, you will finally be free.

The world needs your gifts, you came here for a reason. Not everyone will understand and that is OK. When you are following your life’s path and living your Soul’s purpose; you will inspire them to live theirs. There is nothing and no one who can hold you back but you. Breathe.

Take some time, preferably outdoors if possible and find a safe and secluded spot to meditate and contemplate the abundance of Mother Gaia. She does not apologize for any of her creations; the wasp is as perfect as the lotus flower. There is no good and bad in nature; only perfectly timed cycles. Consciously breathe in to every cell of your body, one at a time; and as you do so, send blessings of gratitude and love and light. Bless and release any blocks, raising the vibration of every cell, every part of your body. Age doesn’t matter; looks don’t matter; you are perfectly who you are and it’s time to love this person unconditionally. Every cell, every aspect, everything that makes you… YOU! Breathe, receive, love. Bask in the presence of the Divine within you.



* Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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