Lapis Lazuli ~ Self Knowledge

Lapis Lazuli self knowledge
Lapis Lazuli ~ Self Knowledge, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli ~ Self Knowledge: “Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone that can contain specks of golden Pyrite (occurring in Afghanistan Lapis). This stone was one of the foremost Allies of the Egyptian Royalty, who used it ground into powder for the adornment of the eyes, and as jewelry upon the body.

This Ally confers great depth of sight and clarity upon the user and, when containing Pyrite, enhances these psychic abilities with the grounding and illuminating effects of the at mineral. The deep blue of this stone reflects the evening sky, and the Pyrite flecks throughout represent the energies of the stars and the sun in the heavens.

Calling upon this Ally aides one in initiating far sight, and in communicating with spirit beings, especially those beings who have their origins in space. Lapis is used to enhance one’s ability to learn and comprehend, as it stimulates the mind.

IN ancient Egypt, the Pharoah was considered to be God, and the other ranks of royalty were held to be consorts of God. To resonate with Lapis is to initiate Divine communion, endowing the user with God-like understanding and mental facilities.

Lapis also grants one the gift of knowledge of the self. The greatest path of knowledge that we can pursue is the path of self-knowledge. Our life on Earth is an opportunity to explore and learn about our own selves – our motives, ambitions, and beliefs.

The Earth plane is particularly suited for this type of exploration because of the existence of the illusion of time. In the non-physical realms there is no lapse between thought and experience. On the Earth plane, there is often a delay between thinking something and experiencing the effects of that thought. This lapse gives us a chance to monitor and explore our thoughts, beliefs, and desires before they manifest into reality.

Self knowledge is the tool with which we can create a reality that is conscious. Without self-knowledge, we are often unwilling participant in an unconscious creation. Lapis Lazuli has come to aid us in the opening of our inner eyes, allowing us to see and perceive our own inner world, from which our outer world materializes.

The Message: This ally is indicating to you that a time of intense spiritual learning is at hand. This is a period of initiation into the “mysteries” of the workings of the Infinite. When Lapis Lazuli appears, you can be sure that your guides and guiding angels are preparing you for a period of growth and enhanced understanding of your path and purpose on the Earth plane. This learning may reveal to you aspects of yourself that were previously unknown to you. Accept this new understanding with joy, for it indicates a new level of spiritual maturity.

Lapis may also be indicating to you that you need to do some soul-searching. Are you living the life you would choose for yourself? Are your behaviours and creations matching who you know yourself to be? Take stock of your inner gifts, beliefs, and desires; then ask for the energy of Lapis to aid you in manifesting your true potential on the Earth plane.

Chakra: Third eye and crown

Affirmation: I open to Divine understanding.”*

– Naisha Ahsian

This message is in perfect synchronicity with yesterday’s message. As you move through this Spiritual transformation; allowing Source to ‘re-boot’ your consciousness to the next level, take the time to discover your deepest inner self. This is your chance to take time in silence and explore what it is that you desire to create in your life before your new, more powerful powers of manifestation come into effect.

When discovering what it is that you truly desire, you must weed through the “should’s”, discard the ideas that may have come from other’s throughout your life and focus on YOUR dreams. This may sound easy but we carry a lot of baggage from relatives, teachers, friends and relationships that has helped to set us on the course that we are presently on. You may have the feeling that this is not the right course for you, also feeling that there is nothing you can do at this point, being so far from where it is that you long to be. This is not necessarily true, but dedication, focus and consistent action will be required to get you back on track to your life’s path.

Take some time alone over the next few days to contemplate what it is that you truly desire. Write it down! Journaling is a powerful tool of manifestation; especially when you are writing with feeling and colourful detail. When you write down a dream, look closely at it to make sure that it is truly yours. If it is not, who or where did it come from, and is it now outmoded to you? Maybe it needs to be revamped to fit with your own vision of your future. Keep focusing, contemplating and writing until you flesh out every detail to your liking; this is not the time to hold back! Think big, dream big and aim for the sky, there is no longer any reason to hold yourself back; anything you desire is within your reach…. if you believe you can reach it!



* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


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  1. Evlena says:

    Hello. I have tried to work with a Lapis on my third eye, but it gives me an intense headache as soon as I place it on my third eye. Is the energy too strong for me or something? Any suggestions on how I can work with it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Perhaps with a grid, holding it in my hand, or setting it in front of me?? Thank u! Peace, Live, Light, & Blessings! ❤

    1. Hello Elvena,yes I would say use your intuition, hold your lapis in your left hand and see where you are intuitively guided to work with it. Holding it may be perfect for you. You can also try a grid, under your pillow, at your bedside or even just placed in the room with you. Has this stone ever been properly cleansed? There’s always the possibility you are picking up old energies. Be sure to cleanse it by placing it outside in the full moon, bathing it in water, placing it in a plant for a couple of days. You can also smudge it with sage or with intention, blow on the crystal San ask that all absorbed energies are released, it can then be placed in the sun for 20min to recharge as lapis contains pyrite. Let me know how it goes! Blessings, love and light!

  2. jhouse769 says:

    Try the throat chakra… more appropriate for lapis… if still too strong, try holding or meditate with stone nearby, i.e. on your altar rather than on your person. Affects Will. My favorite stone. Blessings.

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