Faith ~ Royal Purple Brick

Faith royal purple brick
Faith, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman: Faith ~ Royal Purple Brick

Faith ~ Royal Purple Brick: “I am more than I think I am.”
The Legend: Peggy is terrified. She can’t see past the wall in front of her and it is preventing her from moving forward. She cries out for help. The Great Spirits appear and tell her that she is holding a Royal Purple Brick, thinking it is a wall. They encourage her to place the brick back in the path and ask her not to give up on her life. Peggy lowers the brick to the ground and courageously steps forward. Her future lights up.

Inspiration: What frightens you is something much smaller than you know. If you are experiencing pain, holding on tighter will only worsen the situation. Your greatness awaits.

Personal Inquiry: I have a tremendous amount of personal magnetism. Am I willing to allow myself to shine?

Key Ideas: Narrow focus; miracles all around; not following wise counsel; not accepting your gifts; using energy in a self-defeating way.

Key Words: Gifts, muse, fear.


This is the time to let go and recognize your own gifts.

Thank you guides for protecting you and not allowing you to give up.

This is the first step in communicating and sharing with the world.

The Royal Purple Brick is a part of your path, not the entire journey.”*

– Tori Hartman

What is holding you back? This time that we have to process our transitional period also gives us time to figure out what obstacles and blocks we perceive in our lives as holding us back. I say perceived because, as much as we believe that these things are holding us back, it is actually us who hold ourselves back out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of judgment, fear of lack. We always have something that we can point the finger at; something that shows us that we are not worthy, that things may not go as planned, that people may think we should be going a certain way when we would prefer to go another. So rather than buying into the fear, how about acknowledging it, blessing and releasing it? Unlock the shackles and set yourself free… now there’s a concept! Trade your brick of fear in for a beautiful amethyst as in the card; noting that the amethyst holds prosperity, abundance, peace, Universal wisdom, Divinity and connection to the Earth among other symbolism!

When you give yourself permission to be courageous and persevere with following your heart and your dreams; despite the fear, despite what people think and instead of clinging on for dear life to things and people who can’t possibly support you…. you make room for miracles in your life! You show the Universe that you are not messing around; you are serious about these dreams of yours! You inspire those around you who need the courage to follow their dreams; you show them that it really is possible.

Things are never as difficult as we make them up to be in our heads. We are supported. We are unconditionally loved. We are powerful and beautiful and wise; whether we decide to tap into it or not is key. Know that you are capable of anything you set your mind to; then go do it.



* Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman


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  1. says:

    You know, I have had the second worst period of my life and I would love to know how I can possible solve the problem with a PURPLE BRICK. Please speak in down to earth language, not parables. Thank you. Many Blessings love and light to you. Namaste, Deborah

    1. Hi Deborah, I feel this may be due to the three super moons we are experiencing. July, August and September are all super moons and us females are extremely sensitive to these energies. Take it easy on yourself, drink lots of water and hopefully things will level out around mid September. Wearing, holding or placing Carnelian, Red Jasper and Moonstone in your pocket or under your pillow may assist you in regulating the symptoms. Blessings, love and light!

  2. This so what is happening for me now….my old life has completely crumbled and now processing….One Million Hugs

    1. Oh thank you so very much Carol!! One million hugs to you too, blessings, love and light! :0)

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