Phenacite ~ Initiation

phenacite initiation
Iniciation, Phenacite: from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Phenacite ~ Initiation

Phenacite ~ Initiation: “In this image, human spirit approaches the Phenacite doorway – the entrance to the higher realms. The being is prepared for her initiation into the new ways of thinking and living that are revealed when one integrates one’s Light body into the physical vehicle. Phenacite is the Ally that embodies this frequency of initiation into new levels of being.

Phenacite is a rare beryllium silicate that forms into wand-like crystals (madagascar and Namibia) and rhomboidal, disk-like crystals (Russia, Brazil, and Colorado). It can range in colour from golden to colourless to gray. Phenacite is one of the Stoem Element Allies, because of it’s transformative and enlightening effect upon the human energy field. When awakened and employed as an Ally, this stone will initiate the Light body, and aid in grounding it into the physical plane.

Phenacite’s key word is initiation. Most cultures have initiation ceremonies that provide their people with definite rites of passage. These rites give the initiate an opportunity to eradicate outmoded aspects of their lives, and to begin the new. Through the rites of birth, puberty, partnering croning and death, people were able to explore the spiritual meaning of these stages of their lives. The rites of passage act as ‘signposts’ by which one can steer one’s life.

In ancient times, dedicating one’s life to Spirit was also done through initiation. One would declare one’s intent before a teacher or spiritual mentor, and would receive an initiation into the teachings of that society. As a student progressed, new initiations would be given in order to allow the student to rededicate herself to the spiritual path. These initiations were often accompanied by the revelation of spiritual knowledge that would take the student to the next level. In this way, the student would gain new levels of growth and understanding.

Today, our emerging system of spiritual growth is much more eclectic and personally directed than in the past. Spiritual seekers often study alone, or with many different teachers, in order to gain the knowledge they seek. This can sometimes be difficult, because of the lack of initiatory experiences that clearly delineate the growth of the student to new levels of being. Phenacite is an Ally that has appeared in this New Age of Light in order to initiate the Lightworker to ever higher levels of awareness.

The Message: “When Phenacite appears in your cards, you can be sure that an initiatory experience will soon follow. There may be a new guide coming into your life, or perhaps there is a rite of passge ahead that will be an opportunity for deep growth. Phenacite is signaling you that the time of Storm is approaching. You will be tested by the elements of your life, and you may be asked to sacrifice those things that are keepign you from moving foward.

This Ally signals the time of awakening, of changing from chrysalis to butterfly. You can no longer claim the ignorance of a child when answering for your creations. You are being asked to take responsibility as an adult for all that you are experiencing, ans in doing so, acknowledge your own power to create the life you are destined for. Now is the time to invoke the energy of Phenacite in preparation for your initiation into the new role that the Universe has in store for you.

Chaka: Third eye and Crown

Affirmation: I dedicate myself to the path of the spiritual initiate.”*

–  Naisha Ahsian

This is all part of the Divine plan for you; as you bless and release the old, you step into the new. This is a spiritual newness, a higher consciousness and a higher vibration. It is a stepping stone on your spiritual path, a rite of passage in your transformational journey. All your work on yourself, raising your vibration, expanding your awareness and strengthening your faith; it has all lead you to this momentous time in your journey on the physical plane. You have let go of so much that was no longer necessary for you to carry; the burdens of worry, guilt, fear and self doubt and replaced them with a calm knowing. This in itself, is the path of the Spiritual initiate.

You can now see the importance of silencing your mind; of seeing the abundance all around you; of maintaining a constant connection to the Earth and to the Divine; of living in a state of gratitude. We are not talking about perfection here; I realize that we are all human and we have busy lives and all sorts of stuff going on at any given moment; I am not suggesting you are the Dali Lama, only that you are aware and in control of your thoughts and feelings… most of the time! This is a vital part of understanding and working with the Law Of Attraction; rather than being a ‘victim of circumstance’. We have learned that what we vibrate to, we magnetically attract into our lives. We now know, without a doubt, that we are in control of creating our own lives, fully supported by the Universe, and that nothing is off limits unless we have deemed it so. We have the tools we need to work with in order to manifest our dreams; and maybe, just maybe they are much less material and much more spiritual then we ever thought possible.



* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


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