Perseverance ~ Carrot Coloured Cloak

perseverance carrot coloured cloak
Perserverance from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman: Perseverance~ Carrot-Coloured Cloak

Perseverance ~ Carrot-Coloured Cloak: “Don’t quit before the Miracle.”

The Legend: “Shannon’s Carrot-coloured Cloak is a gift from a famous stage actress and she wears it always, as a symbol of her own talent. Once day, frustrated by the sacrifices she has made in her long pursuit of success, Shannon throws off the cloak and gives up her acting career. The Great Goddess tries to convince Shannon to put the cloak back on and stay the course, but she does not listen. Just around the corner, had she persevered, was great success.

Inspiration: When we do our chosen work, we are serving the highest order; if we stop, we upset the universal balance. What you work toward will materialize. You may not see it, but it lies ahead.

Personal Inquiry: Can I ignore the feelings that would sidetrack me? Will I let go of fear, and persevere

Key Ideas: Breaking through; unseen help at work; feeling taken for granted; overcoming doubts.

Key Words: Steadfast, success, miracles.


Imagine yourself walking along a path, wrapped in a cloak.

You reach a glass wall. Through the glass, you can see your goals.

Step forward and pass through the glass wall. Your cloak falls to the ground,

Staying with your past. Let it go. You do not need it anymore.”*

-Tori Hartman

When working with the Law Of Attraction, imagine you hold a baseball bat in one hand and a catcher’s mitt on the other. The baseball is the “Miracle Solution” to your manifestation, it represents everything you dream and desire. It also represents how accurately you have managed to raise your vibration to be a magnet to these desires, as it comes towards you, even though it may be going to fast to see, what are you going to do? Are you going to use your bat? The baseball bat represents negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack mentality, anger, fear and low vibrational energy…. giving you the ability to quite literally, hit your dreams right out of the park! The catcher’s mitt however, in this particular metaphor, represents your ability to receive, allow, accept and recognize the value of what is being sent to you…. seeing or feeling the ball come hurtling towards you, you open to new experience with a high vibrational receptive energy full of hope, faith and peace. This mitt represents your heart chakra, remaining open, positive, joyful, trusting, allowing you to fill yourself with bright white love and light,  aligning all of the chakras for maximum clarity and Divine connection.

Use the above to visualize yourself manifesting your goals one at a time. See yourself standing barefoot in a field, (or, even better, get outside and give it a go if that is possible for you), raise your palms up in receptivity and ask for what it is that you most desire. See your wish manifest high up in the Universe above you and fly, like a shooting star or comet, down from the cosmos straight towards you in a rush of pure, radiant white light. See your heart chakra opening and receiving this beautiful and healing ball of light. See it filling your whole body with light and love, connecting you above to the Universal Source energy, and going right down into the Earth, Mother Gaia. See it encompassing the whole planet and sending light and love out to every creature, every person, every plant, tree and through the rivers, lakes and oceans.

As the light slowly dissipates from you sight, leaving you knowing that it has helped and healed and will remain everywhere it has touched, see yourself opening your eyes. Your Miracle is here, now, right before your very eyes. Send gratitude to the Universe as you embrace the gifts you have co-created with your thoughts and feelings.

Keep going and never give up on yourself or your dreams.




* Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman


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