Garnet ~ Prosperity

Garnet prosperity
Garnet, Prosperity, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Garnet ~ Prosperity

Garnet ~ Prosperity: “In a fertile garden, a golden vessel full of new wine sits next to a cornucopia flowing with fruit and riches. Garnet is the stone of fertility, abundance, prosperity and Earth power. It is through our first or root chakra that we receive energy from the great Earth Mother. Garnet is a powerful Ally in the establishment and activation of the connecting cord that links us to this element. It is through this cord that we can both receive sustenance from the Earth and offer her our own Light and energy, bringing us back into balance with the being o which we live.

Garnets carry an enriching and nourishing energy. They not only encourage the flow of energy between the Earth and the humans who utilize them, but also act as powerful cleansers and activators of the first chakra, initiating the Kundalini flow and an ecstatic fusing with the expression of All That Is on the Earth Plane.

Garnets initiate the remembrance that all life is interconnected and springs from the same source. Seeing the Divine in all creation, and re-experiencing the limitless nurturing and provision of the Universe are just two of the wonderful side effects of resonating wth this powerful Ally.

The rich colours of Garnet stones remind us of the abundance, prosperity and plenty that the Earth Mother offers to us, if we will open ourselves to receiving them. Garnet tells us that we have sprung from the blood and bones of this Earth, and reminds us that the Earth Mother will provide us with all that we need.

Garnet’s energy is the balancing polarity of Ruby. While Ruby represents the will to survive, Garnet carries the knowledge that all needs will be provided for. When these two energies rare in balance, we are able to ask the Universe for what we need, and recognize the solution when it appears.

The Universe is an unlimited resource of energy, supplying you with whatever you need. When you create abundance in your life, you are showing others that it is possible, and that prosperity is available to everyone. Garnet is calling you to remember your own worth. It has come as a messenger to remind you that you are an unlimited child of the Creative Source. Whatever you ask, you shall receive.

The Message: “When Garnet appears in your cards, it is reminding you to open your eyes to the bounty and prosperity that is being offered to you by the Universe. The Earth is the perfect vehicle for providing you with all that you could need to survive and thrive in physical form. Ask for what you need, an acknowledge that this, or something even better, will be given to you.

The illusion of scarcity was created by humanity as an outgrowth of the illusion of separation In truth, there is enough prosperity and wealth to ensure that every human’s needs are met. It is only through your own ideas of scarcity that you staunch the flow of prosperity in your life. When you accept the prosperity of the Universe, you are able to bear witness to the bounty of your birthright ans a child of the Divine Creator.

Garnet is calling you to accept the gifts that have been set before you. Acknowledge those that you have received with gratitude, and affirm your belief in a prosperous and bountiful Universe for all beings.

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: I receive abundance through all channels of the Universe.”*

Naisha Ahsian

Open to receive the blessings of the Angels Of Abundance and Prosperity for they are connecting you right now to the unlimited abundance and prosperity available to us all through the Divine Universe. It is only our minds which set limitations on what we are able to conceive and receive. This is about to be blown out of the water… FOREVER! (Insert loud resounding cheers and happy dance here!!)

All you have to do is use the above affirmation whenever your mind wavers; whenever you find yourself thinking a limiting, self-doubting thought, flip it around immediately with a positive affirmation. “I receive abundance through all channels of the Universe.”

Repeat after me: I AM fully supported, all of my needs are met… and exceeded. I AM prosperity. I AM abundance. I AM worthy of all the Universe has to offer, there is always more than enough to support my loved ones and to share with others. I graciously receive expected and unexpected gifts of prosperity and abundance from the Universe. I AM open to limitless possibility. I AM.

And so it is.



* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


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