Walk It Off

walk it off
Walk It Off, rom the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Choquette

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Choquette: Walk It Off

Walk It Off: “You have slipped into energetic stagnation, and your mind is whirring, preventing your vibes from getting through. To interrupt this energy “hiccup,” suspend your thinking and go for a walk. Higher vibrations flow like the rhythms of nature, so it is important to step out of your mind and into the flow. Walk for 15 to 20 minutes, leaving your struggles at home. The movement will reconnect you to the outdoor world, even in the city, and open all energetically closed circuits. As you walk, get back into your heart where your vibes can be felt. Walking always raises your vibrations and settles your mind, which is exactly what you need right now. Do not say you do not have the time – the time spent not walking and figuring things out is wasted time, as you well know. Your guides will walk with you and bring solutions. Open your heart and listen.”*

– Sonia Choquette

I am smiling as I write this as this card is just perfect for me today! Getting outside for a long walk through the forest, by the lake or on the beach is one of my favourite ways to de-stress and I have not been able to do it lately. Today is literally my first day back to having some time to myself after 5 (lovely and much appreciated even if it did involve quite a bit of refereeing and entertaining…) weeks with my kids. We decided to take the last couple of weeks off camp from mid August and do some summer stuff together, which stretched out to yesterday being the first day of school after a long and drawn out teacher’s strike. My kids had not been to school since mid June! So needless to say, I have not been able to get to yoga class and my walks have not exactly been long power walks through the forest!

Today I have decided to gift myself with a yoga class AND a walk! How self indulgent of me! I was going to put yoga first, but now that I have pulled this card I know that I must get outside and breathe some fresh air, clear my mind and organize my thoughts. Then I will go back to alternating between walks and yoga. How do you de-stress? Are you making time to get outside and get some fresh air? Maybe it is time that you scheduled it into your day!

Today is the fall equinox and it is time to put things in order! Start with your thoughts, aiming for positive and high vibrational alignment in your focus for this season. What are you wishing to accomplish? How will you create a plan of consistent action towards your dreams? Who are the people that will support you in this, and how can you build a community of these like minded people.

Get outside, walk, breathe, and receive your messages, inspiration and Divine Guidance.



* Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card deck, by Sonia Choquette


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