All Tied Up

All Tied Up
All Tied Up, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Ann Taylor

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Ann Taylor: All Tied Up

All Tied Up: “Lack of Motion or Sense of Personal Freedom.”

“This card shows a woman tied up with vines around her wrists, body, and arms. Receiving this card upright represents a situation in your life where things seem to be severely stuck. A major drama may be going on around you, stopping you  from moving forward. Or it may be that some technicalities are blocking your way – perhaps you are waiting for a contract to be signed or an agreement to be made. Whatever is holding things up, the restrictions may be feeling quite oppressive at this time.

If this is not technically the case for you, what is tying you up is your own personal stuff. Look at your life and see how you can be your own jailor. Are you tying yourself up in some emotional angst – or in a negative habit that you refuse to deal with? If so, it is time to cut the vines and make some serious changes now. You need not live in your self-imposed jail any longer.


I release stuck energy, old habits, and restrictions.

My life is opening up. I am free to choose my reality.”*

– Sandra Anne Taylor

Feeling stuck? Like you can’t move, like you are over burdened and overwhelmed by responsibility? Are you not saying “No” often enough and allowing others to keep piling obligations on top of you until you feel suffocated by it all? Are you feeling stressed, depressed or sad that things just don’t seem to be moving fast enough in the right direction, and the obstacles just keep seeming to get bigger?

How much of this is just your perception? How much of it is because you strive to please everyone but yourself, creating resentment? There is no judgment here, only truth, you see… I do it too!! It’s so easy to keep saying yes to the little things that no one else wants to do, it’s easy to over burden yourself with thankless chores and obligations, and it’s easy to skip out on the things that were supposed to be for you because you just don’t have any time left over in the day to do them!!

It is time to set some boundaries for your self; for your sanity! You simply cannot continue to take it all on without becoming overwhelmed, angry and stressed and the more you feel these feelings, and the more you stuff them down and ignore them to do what’s best for everyone else, the more you hurt yourself in the process. This may start out innocently enough, a skipped exercise class (yoga for me!) a missed meditation, no time to get outside and walk… then it takes over and suddenly you realize that you have been putting everyone else first for so long you forgot how to put yourself first! Then you have a bunch of habits to undo that may have some stubborn consequences; poor sleep, weight gain or loss, low energy or possibly even illness or depression if you have been burning the candle at both ends for too long!

The last issue we must address is our thoughts. What we think is what we create. Thinking about being stuck; in a job, poverty or financial issues, toxic relationship, in a state of health we don’t want, or in a location we don’t like will often keep us stuck right where we are! Remember that worrying… and complaining… are like praying for what we DO NOT WANT! So be extra vigilant at this time about keeping your thoughts positively focused on what it is that you DO want. And if you don’t know what it is that you do want, then that would be a great place to start! Use your imagination to choose the very best life you can possibly imagine and write it all down in glorious detail. Do not compromise on this, it is your dream so let your imagination run wild, knowing that you deserve the very best!

Gently remove the ties that bind you; one at a time. There is no struggle, only a firm commitment to yourself and your freedom. Learn to say no. Cut back on your responsibilities and obligations. Do something for yourself that makes you happy. Every. Single. Day. Bust through the blocks, rise above the density by raising your own vibration and soar.

You finally get your wings back! (of course they were never really gone…)



* Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Ann Taylor



4 Comments Add yours

  1. mary allen says:

    Thank you for this message. I am all tied up and this will help me. Your cards are the best!

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you for your comment Mary, I really do appreciate it! Blessings, love and light!

  2. Evlena says:

    Wow! It is crazy how accurate the majority of these cards have been for me for the past week or so! I have definitely been feeling stuck lately, not knowing which way to turn b/c I can’t seem make my mind up on what I REALLY want & need. Idk if the thoughts and feelings I am having (mostly about my current relationship) are my mind messing with me or if it’s my higher self speaking to me…

    1. Thank you for sharing Evlena! I love your message, and I really appreciate you letting me know that the cards are ringing true for you! Take some time to yourself and really think about what it is that you want, this seems to be a tough issue for many of us right now, allowing ourselves to be happy and letting go what doesn’t work. Blessings, love and light!

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