Release ~ Cutting Negative Ties

release cut negative ties
Release, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Release ~ Cutting Negative Ties

Release ~ Cutting Negative Ties: “Forgiveness and release form the gateway to new experiences and opportunities to discover more of who you are. Often, passing through the gateway can be painful or difficult, especially when someone has hurt you in some way. No matter how hard you try, the pain seems to resurface time and time again. Just when you thought you had dealt with it and let it go, something happens to trigger the same old feeling. You have chosen this card because it is time to release yourself from the negative tie you have with someone who has hurt you in the past and may be continuing to cause you pain and anxiety because you continue to give power to them through your thoughts.

On a conscious level, you may believe that you have already forgiven them and released this issue, however on a heartfelt level, you still carry the scar from this wound. Healing is a process which has many layers and you have now reached the final stage. What What is required is for you to realize that you are still energetically connected to the person or issue that is the cause of your pain and that it is possible to detach from this situation. The first step is to understand why it is so important for you to forgive and release. You are doing this for you and no one else. Also know that in releasing this issue you are not condoning the person’s actions or behaviour but rather you are consciously choosing not to be a perpetual victim to those actions.

Realize that by holding on to this hurt you are allowing this person or situation to keep hurting you. When you are ready, you may find it helpful to perform this ritual. It will help you to cut your negative ties with the person or situation that has hurt you, encouraging you to forgive them and release this issue. You can perform this ritual yourself, but you may choose to seek help from a counselor or practitioner who is experienced in this energy work. There are also many books available on this subject.

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and imagine the person or situation that you wish to detach from. Imagine both you and the other party being surrounded by white light. Now, invoke the energy and presence of Archangel Michael, or alternatively you may wish to call upon God/Goddess, your angels or your spiritual guides to help you with the process. Imagine both yourself and the other party being energetically connected to each other by a blue cord of light; this is the negative attachment you wish to sever. Now, imagine the blue cord being severed by a sword of light held by God/Goddess, an angel or a spirit guide. As the cord is severed, visualize the other party moving away from your life, carried by the hands of God, and feel yourself engulfed and protected by light and love. Give thanks to God/Goddess, the angels and spiritual guides that have helped you with this process.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

You have the power to cut yourself free, all you need is your own permission! With all the perspective we have gained, by soaring up above our problems, raising our vibration and filling ourselves with love and light, it is finally time for the final step: freedom. Cut the ties that bind. It’s OK to want more than this, it’s OK to walk away and start again. You have everything you need and more to support you on your way. There is no room left for fear and doubt, you are too high up for that now; this level of consciousness does not allow for the density of these energies… can you feel it.

Breathe. Allow yourself to release all this. Know that you are stepping in to yourself; not away from someone else. They can choose to step into their own truth… or not, it is no longer of your concern.

Close this door and open the door to Spirit. Miracles await you.



* Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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  1. gabiba says:

    i had someone in my life and is there but also not really there and i tried the above but i simply cannot see him in order to cut that cord. Am i missing something here or is it just that i don’t want to let go. i can honestly say that i still and always will love this man but our relationship has been thru so many trails and tribulations and eventually he just gave up on me on us while i was still trying to fight for us until two weeks ago i just gave up on him because he was just hurting me too much and it just did not stop and i had to put an end to something that i truly believed in. it was the hardest decision i ever had to make but looking at it now it was the best i could have made for the both of us. but am still hurting and feel sad but i have forgiven him but somehow i still feel so connected and as the message goes that i received today it makes so much sense and it’s the right thing to do but somehow i still have hope and maybe am hesitant to cut that final cord. can anyone please just shed some light i could really use some help regarding this matter.

    1. Hi Gabiba,
      This is a time for healing yourself, so please be gentle with yourself and give it some time. You can continue to do the cord cutting rituals daily until you intuitively feel that you have finally cut through the energy that is between you, but also know that there is a grieving process to go through at the end of all serious love relationships. When you cut the cords, imagine them going back to their rightful owner; yours to you and his to him. Imagine you each in your own protective bubble of light. Do all of this intending the highest good for you both and concentrate on healing your heart. It just takes time. Blessings, love and light

      1. gabiba says:

        thank you for your response, i think i should start with the healing process and then start with the final process of cutting the cord that binds. am planning to take some me time and go to the beach for a week or two and just sit and cry until no more tears are left but currently i cannot even seem to cry. am not angry or feel any resentment towards this man but i feel pity for him, but i guess there was a valuable lesson that i had to learn during this relationship and believe me i did but i feel there is hope for a new love in my life but i first have to deal with this situation and truly release to make room for a new person in my life
        much love

  2. Kelly Tran says:

    I lthank you with all my heart and life as it give me faith, hope and love to believe in miracles as it is all beginning to unfold now all I need to do is acceptance and gratitude towards life I told no fear as I will love all and everything one in my life unconditionally. Happy Chinese New Year Universal Wisdom Oricle cards. Love Kelly.T

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