Woman Holding A Heart ~ Reversed

Woman Holding A Heart ~ Reversed
Woman Holding A Heart, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Ann Taylor

Daily angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Ann Taylor: Woman Holding A Heart ~ Reversed

Woman Holding A Heart ~ Reversed: “Female dealing with Family, Love, or Emotions.”

“This card reversed could indicate a state of being emotionally overwhelmed, and you may feel as though your love life is turned upside down. It could also refer to some difficulty in a family matter or close friendship. If this is the case, it is time to let go or resolve things now.

There is also a possibility that this woman reversed is someone who brings a negative emotional influence to your life. There may be jealousy, resentments, or even more subtle manipulations going on. Do not take things personally, but endeavor to bring greater clarity and calm self-empowerment to the situation now.

And always remember to bring a loving heartfelt energy to yourself!


I am emotionally calm and peaceful, and I attract

healthy and stable people to me.”*

– Sandra Anne Taylor

There is so much synchronicity in the last few days messages… but the message that jumps out at me are that us Lightworkers have to work on ourselves right now to release the people and situations that are holding our high vibrational energy hostage ~ me included!

So many of us are trapped in unhealthy relationships, family situations or work spaces. This is taking it’s toll on our health, our self confidence, self esteem, and on our stress levels; which in turn is stifling our ability to dream. We are too often living for someone else, fitting into the box they have chosen for us, and living in fear of change. Sometimes things can be resolved, there are changes that both parties can make and a happy compromise can be achieved with strong communication and a willingness to do whatever it takes to find joy, harmony and peace.

And sometimes things are just beyond repair, and we have to admit to ourselves that they have probably been that way for a much longer time than we are comfortable with. It’s all about perspective, and the continually lowering of our standards in order to save ourselves from painful disappointment; or a much needed reality check. Have you found yourself overcompensating when someone isn’t putting in the necessary amount of effort into the relationship; if they are withholding love, do you dive in to even the playing field? Are they refusing to hold up their end of the bargain, and do you even know what that bargain was anymore? If you are living in strict “conditional love” and you are blaming yourself for not living up to the conditions set by another person, rather than examining why you would put yourself in this position in the first place…. If the rules keep changing and you can’t keep up with it but it always seems to be you in the wrong…

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you really want in life! Maybe it is time to release the fear of change, trust in the Universe, and let go. Remember, what is truly yours will come back to you (if you want it back, you better have a close look at that one, you may just realize you are better off without!!)



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