The Spiral Dancer ~ Ally

the spiral dancer ally
Spiral Dancer, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron Reid: The Spiral Dancer ~ Ally

The Spiral Dancer ~ Ally: “Circuitous Route, Perception.”

“The Spiral Dancer moves with her own rhythm and steps to music only she can hear. she takes you on a path that is winding and circular. She assures you that what you are experiencing as a setback is really part of an upward spiral. Perception is everything: you are not retracing your steps or going backwards, but rather around and up. She says that you can be comforted, knowing that your path is one of success, adventure, and experience. Follow her, for she dances along a magical way.

If you are asking about a relationship, keep on dancing and magic will soon happen. Also it is OK to allow someone else to take the lead at this time. Make sure to let others know that you are open. Always remember that relationships are mirrors and will show you the past, the present, and the potential future.

All relationships have a destiny. Each is a sacred teacher with valuable lessons to share, even if it appears that the two of you are dancing in different directions. All the steps are perfect, even when you may seem to be stumbling. The Spiral Dancer is a reminder that destiny’s true path is seldom straight.”*

– Colette Baron Reid

Right now we are in a phase where rather than trying to take control in setting things in motion, we are to focus on slow and steady daily action steps towards your goals; enjoying the ride as we go. Remember that the journey is just as important as the destination; it is all part of the experience and it helps to shape who we are. If there was no journey, no work to be done, then we would have to time for contemplation and absorption of the lessons along the way. You can plant the seed, but you cannot rush the harvest!

Sometimes we get so focused on the goal that we change out perception to one of “lack” rather than seeing all the tiny steps made towards success. Perseverance and commitment are to be acknowledged and celebrated, for without them, we would never achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Give yourself a pat on the back for your determination and drive, for your dedication to success; even if it is not showing up at this time!

When we celebrate all the tiny successful details to the plan falling into place, we bring ourselves back to a state of gratitude and receptivity. We are no longer concentrating on the lack of our end result, but instead we are joyful and optimistic about it. We can know that we are on the right path without having to worry about how long it will take to get there, as we stop and admire our surroundings.

Where you are is where you are supposed to be to learn the lessons that are being put in front of you. Slow down a little and see the lesson, acknowledge it, embrace it, take what you need from it and release it. This is how you get to the next step. (This is not Snakes and Ladders, you must completely experience and receive before moving on!)


* Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron Reid



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