Owl, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Oracle Card, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco: Owl, Wise seeing, Wise Action

Owl ~ Wise Seeing, Wise Action:  

“Silent winged and wise

                         All seeing creature of the night

                                                         Show me the way

                                                                         I will follow you in flight”


“Owls have for thousands of years been part of folklore and have been considered a special or sacred animal. With their huge forward facing eyes and otherworldly appearance, they have been seen as both wise and as harbingers of the supernatural.

There are many hundreds of species of owls and almost all are nocturnal and carnivorous. Interestingly, they all have specially designed feathers that enable them to fly silently at night, giving them an incredible hunting advantage… sort of like having a stealth-mode!

Many deities were said to be able to change into owls and perhaps the most famous was the Greek Goddess Athena, who was famous for her strategy and intelligence. To this very day, the capital city of Greece, Athens, has Athena’s owl as its symbol.

Should the hooting owl come looking for you this Halloween, it indicates the need for wise council or further information before you make a decision. Considered action is warranted. Think before you act emotionally and ensure you think strategically, not impulsively.”*

– Stacey Demarco

I LOVE Owls, I really do. I wistfully watch Harry Potter wishing my own personal owl familiar would bring me mail! Yet the owl has suffered a bad rap over the years as an omen of death, a predator or something to be feared. Owls definitely demand our respect, and they are strong and powerful birds, but they are also messengers, and when we see them, this can also be a sign; a good one!

Birds work closely with our angels and guides to bring us messages that we can bring into our lives. They are trying to guide us, to help us progress. When we see the owl, we are being asked to look at things from a larger perspective, see the mystery and magic without superstition. We are being told to have an objective point of view, taking in all the details, so that nothing can escape us. We are being told to see and have faith in the veils that separate us from the magic, and to look inside for our true Universal wisdom.

You do not have to see a live owl right in front of you for this to be your message; although that is a truly exceptional experience to witness those incredible yellow orbs literally looking into your soul. If you find that there is synchronicity in seeing owls everywhere in photos, hear their ominous hooting at night, or see them repeatedly on TV, this may also be a sign. Dreaming of owls is also a powerful sign. Owls have a deep connection to our intuition and often they are asking us to see what we are refusing to see with our own inner wisdom.

Owl is magnificent, owl is grace and strength, power and courage, magic and Universal wisdom. Owl is also believing in your own intuitive powers and making wise and rational decisions. It is about seeing the bigger picture, soaring with conviction and knowing how powerful you really are.


* Owl ~ Wise Seeing, Wise Action


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