Ancestors, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco: Ancestors

Ancestors: “The love and legacy of our DNA.”

I walk in their footsteps

Their wisdom inside me remains

I am unique, yet carry a legacy

Their blood runs in my veins.

“Whether or not we know our ancestors, we are the product of those who have lived before us, DNA-wise. Externally, we may have the body type of our father, our mother’s eyes, our grandmother’s nose, our great grandfather’s skin tone. On the inside, it gets even more interesting. We know now that we can ‘inherit’ the way our body works, blood types, genetic disorders, even propensities for aspects of brain function like introversion, musicality and mathematics.

Many pagan paths associated with Halloween believe that we are born perfectly imperfect to be exactly what we are meant to be. What does this mean? It means that the gifts our ancestors have left us and the unique synergy of the combination of the physical, mental and physical that is created within us, sets us up perfectly to achieve our ultimate purpose.

Should the Ancestor card bring itself to your attention, know that you are ready and able to action your birthright of power. You have the support of those who came before you. There may be challenges or struggles but you have everything you need to overcome them. You will prevail!”*

– Stacey Demarco

There are many theories about our DNA; that it used to be a full 12 strands, and was reduced to just 2 to keep our powers at bay. It is said that if we can activate all 12 strands, that we will have capabilities far beyond our current scope. This includes but is not limited to telekinesis, telepathy, astral travel, time travel, inter-dimensional communication and travel, psychic abilities and healing capabilities. It is said that the strands were reduced to keep us in a lower vibration during the Atlantean times, basically to save us and the planet… from ourselves. Although many of these gifts were used for good, they could also be used for malevolent desires of power and control, and thus were removed. Now it is said that with meditation, health, and a strong mind-body connection, we can re-activate our 12 strands. It is said that this time is coming; the time to activate our innate abilities and raise our vibrational frequency and consciousness to the next level: the Fifth Dimension.

Our Ancestors are often our guides, although we think of ancestors as people who lived hundreds of years ago within our blood lines, it actually covers anyone who has lived before you. These ancestors choose to be our guides throughout our lives, helping us through life backstage, many go completely unnoticed and unacknowledged but they are always there to assist. Although we may have inherited physical attributes that we may wish we hadn’t, such as wide hips, a large nose or flat feet, we also received many gifts from our blood lines. It is these gifts which will come into the spotlight for you now. They are part of your life’s path and will help you to get where you need to be.

A great way to connect with your ancestors is outside, under a large tree such as the one depicted in the card. Find a quiet spot under a big, beautiful, old tree and sit with your back against the tree. Ask that your guides use the tree’s energy to communicate with you. See yourself as one with the tree, your head high up in the branches, your feet deeply rooted into the ground. Sit and breathe deeply and clear your mind of all the repetitive thoughts of what you need to do, pick up, cook or pay for and just BE with the tree. Keep a journal handy for any thoughts or messages that may come to you at this time. When you are done, thank your ancestors and the tree… give it a hug and know that what you are taking away from this experience will guide you on your life’s path.



* Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco


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  1. Evlena says:

    It’s funny that this card came up… I listened in on a webinar last night and they did an Ancestral Energy Healing on the call!

    1. Evlena, that is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing, love the synchronicity!! Blessings, love and light!

    2. Wonderful Synchronicity! Love it!! Blessings, love and light!!

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