The Faerie Of Growth

The Faerie Of Growth
The Faerie Of Growth, from The Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud: The Faerie Of Growth

The Faerie Of Growth: “Movement; Growth; Re-visioning Process.”

“Look at her, sitting on a young green leaf like a bud just opening into full flower. This is the The Faerie Of Growth. Growth can mean so many things. One thing is always means is movement and change. Growth doe not stand still. Growth by its very nature is a constantly changing process. To stay in one mindset or one mode of being is to stagnate. If you move through life with an awareness of everything around you, you will grow. You will not be able to help it.

If you draw this card, take the time to think about how your life is changing and how you can direct that change for the good. If your life seems to be stagnant, then this card is especially helpful for you. Look at the The Faerie Of Growth and feel the energy of her unfolding wings. She is just about to take flight and discover a new adventure. You can take flight, too. You do not have to fly far or explore distant lands, you just have to take a step forward and see where that step leads you. So spread your wings and grow.”*

– Brian And Wendy Froud

You are entering into a natural cycle of growth; this time it is Spiritual growth. Growth in our culture often means material; growth of your bank account, growth of your assets; basically an accumulation of more and more and more, never seeming to be… enough.

It’s an age old story, but yet we still don’t seem to get it: stuff is not what makes the world go round! Stuff is not what makes us truly happy. Stuff does not actually create security. And that is why we think we need more stuff, cuz the stuff we have will never be enough. If it was, there would be no tabloids and no paparazzi because all those movie stars and rock stars would be HAPPY!!

So, it is time to embark on a inner journey to seek peace, balance, harmony and truth. What is it that makes us truly happy? This is where we all blithely answer, ‘well love of course’… yet do we really understand this concept or are we just so used to hearing it that we know it’s the right answer?

To experience true, unconditional love is to experience trust, faith, security, acceptance and serenity. It is to banish lack forever. It is to know without question that there is always more than enough. It is to truly understand the concept of abundance. It is to separate ourselves from the constant accumulation; the rat race, the envy, the worry, doubt, shame and fear. In fact, it is the direct opposite to fear. And I’m not talking about love with another person, this is not about relationships, this is about the Universal connection that we all hold within us.

So what does this mean for us? It means abandoning the obsessive thought patterns which occupy about 95% of our existence. It means stepping back and observing everything we think: about ourselves, our social status, the importance of how we look and what we drive and how much money we have and where we live, and looking at life from a whole other dimension. Starting with love.

Start with loving you; never mind the little imperfections, the things you would love and accept about someone else that you can’t stand about yourself. Never mind the cellulite, the wrinkles, the extra weight, the shape of your nose or your butt. Never mind the lack of what you feel would be the key ingredient for you to finally be happy; whether it be physical or material. Step out of all that brainwashing for a moment and just be YOU. Breathe (preferably fresh air), center yourself and just allow yourself to feel the Universal love that surrounds you. Drink it in; it is everywhere. Do this in your sacred space, or outside if you can, bare feet on the Earth, face and palms up to the sky. This is real, that other stuff, is not.

Commit to discovering the power of Universal love, starting from within. Let it occupy your thoughts; let it permeate your being. See it in everyone, every plant, every tree, every animal and bird. See it in the sky, the clouds, the ocean, every grain of sand on the beach.

But most importantly, stand in front of a mirror every morning for a full minute; boldly gazing into your own eyes, and see it in your own beautiful soul; see love grow every single day in YOU.


* The Heart Of Faerie Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud:


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