Forgiveness ~ Reducing Burden

forgiveness reducing burden
Forgiveness, Reducing Burden from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco: Forgiveness ~ Reducing Burden

Forgiveness ~ Reducing Burden:

A wrong is done

Consequences you cannot deny

But to hold a grudge is to drink poison

And think that the other person

will die

“Being a cold season festival, Halloween is the perfect time to pause and think about how things actually are in our lives and what heavy burdens we do not wish to carry through these harder, leaner times. Some of this heavy-heartedness may relate to old relationships or grievances. Some may relate to negative feelings we hold onto tightly about others and even a lack of compassion for the ‘mistakes’ we have ourselves made.

It is said that it takes a ‘big person to apologize’ but in many ways it takes an even bigger person to forgive. When we hold grudges, the negative energy is incredibly toxic. It is like drinking a poison and expecting the ‘other’ unforgiven person to die! Whilst we may even harbour feelings of revenge (and to be honest, that does feel good for a while), it is important that we move those feelings along to forgiveness and release as soon as possible for our own health and well-being.

If you have chosen this card, think about who it is that you could be forgiving – and that includes yourself.”*

– Stacey Demarco

I have written about forgiveness many times and I always feel it is vital to emphasize the importance of starting with forgiving yourself. It is so easy to blame, to judge and to hold resentment or fear towards another, which creates blockages and can lead to living under a victim mentality. The low density of holding a grudge keeps you in the past, and it is hard to move forward with this anchor attached to you. When you do not forgive, you hold yourself hostage while the other person walks free.

Forgive yourself any mistakes and see them for the lessons they were. Know that there was a reason that your soul decided to live through this, and that when the lesson is learned, the pattern no longer needs to be repeated, but can be released with your blessing. Do not hold on to any of these old feelings, but commit to working through them systematically, bless and release; bless and release. When you dive in to experience the hurt and pain from the past, allowing it to wash over you and fully experiencing it once and for all, you will finally have the chance to properly process it physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then you can walk away from it forever, letting it wash away from you; filling the void instead with love and light.

This may seem difficult, but if you start, one person or situation at a time, you will lighten your load substantially. We all hold something. We  are human. We feel things deeply and we store the feelings in order to help us cope with similar situations in our future. But now it’s time to let it all go. Let yourself off the hook and see yourself as the incredible being of love and light that you are; and always have been.

Welcome home.



* Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco



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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    I have forgiven but I can’t forget

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