Bright Spark

 Bright Spark,
Bright Spark, From The Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Bright Spark, From The Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Bright Spark: “Understanding, Illumination, Idea.”

“A little flash of inspiration, or a bright spark is sometimes needed because it can be so difficult to figure out what is going on. Life is a total mystery. People who are close to you seem to be speaking a foreign language. You just can’t understand how they could possibly do or say the things they do. You need a key. You need that little bit of brightness to illuminate the miasma of confusion surrounding you. Let the Bright Spark light up your life. It is only a flicker, but it is just enough to let you glimpse the direction you should take when trying to understand a seemingly incomprehensible situation. So often it takes only a tiny amount of understanding to turn a situation around, and once you can see the way ahead, you can help others to understand as well. Only one person needs to have a spark of inspiration in any given situation. Let it be you.”
– Brian And Wendy Froud
Kids do not come with instruction manuals (still not sure why that is, I could really do with at least one!!); neither do relationships; and neither does your own life, although there are many books which strive to help you make decisions and find your way through life as painlessly as possible. You can get guidance, but there is no exact recipe for joy, fulfillment or wholeness that can be used to help everyone. Although we are all connected, we are also unique.
Gaining even a tiny bit of clarity into the inner workings of those close to you would be such a gift. Learning the why’s behind their behaviour, understanding their dreams and desires, seeing their buttons and past traumas all laid out for us would just make life so much simpler! Yet we have much guesswork to do. Intuition is invaluable, but it is very easily crowded by familiarity. When we know someone well we know what’s going on, but not always why.
This card is a message that you are about to obtain some clarity from an unexpected source, so be extra vigilant of your intuition and senses. The messages we receive, especially when dealing with the elemental, or Faery realm, are often cryptic and may come in the form of synchronicity or in your dream time. Faeries are highly intelligent and love to test us. When they deem us worthy of working with us, they will often do it in riddles in order to challenge us; our perseverance in solving the riddle shows our commitment to working with them. This rule does not apply to children, who if taught early will be able to communicate freely with the Faery folk.
If you wish to work with the Faery, make sure that your heart is pure and true. Work with them for the highest good of all involved, and never take their help for granted. If you seek illumination on a particular relationship or situation, get outside and state your case. Preferably in a forest, undisturbed and alone, find a place to sit or stand. State clearly and with intention what it is that you wish to illuminated by a Bright Spark of understanding. Ask that some light be shed, in the form of understanding on this particular topic or person, with a specific timeline in mind. Spend some time in receptive contemplation, graciously thanking the Faeries for their help. Leave them a simple gift, a shell, crystal, beautiful rock or even a small piece of fruit. Give your thanks and leave the area. Watch for signs, journal your dreams and know that help, although not as expected, is on it’s way to you.






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    thank you need this

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