Immunity, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Immunity, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Immunity: “The Immunity card comes when we are feeling as though we are under attack. You may be experiencing disagreements or arguments. Perhaps you are feeling belittled, unworthy, or misunderstood. Whatever the case may be, there is a feeling of the need to protect yourself. Sometimes, these feeling may not even involve an individual person, but are perceived from the world at large.

It is important that you stay grounded at this time and not fall into old patterns of behaviours or reactions. This is an opportunity to deal with your feelings and the situation, in a healthier way. You are not responsible for what others say, think, believe, or feel. You do not have to own it or try to fix or change anything, in an attempt to appease them. Every person on this planet is responsible for their own behaviour.

The Immunity card offers you a layer of protection from the negative energy surrounding the situation, so that you can respond and take action in a positive manner. This also helps you to see the bigger picture and how to resolve the matter in a way that ensures the highest good for all involved.

Just as your physical body builds its immune system, energetically you are building a healthy response system to building a healthy response system to negative experiences and people. You will not be affected in the same way should this type of situation occur again in the future.

You will gain a healthy form of protection on the inside and no longer need to energetically wear a shell of protection on the outside. Those around you will feel the shift in your energy as you become more accepting and open to letting others into your personal world.”*

-Cheryl Lee Harnish

There is so much going on in the world and if you are empathetic, like I am, you can easily feel overwhelmed by it all. Many people carry stress and anger around with them everywhere; and empaths particularly can pick up on it just by walking by or standing in line close to them. Empaths are like big sponges walking around absorbing other people’s energy; sometimes to the point where they take the negative energy away from the person experiencing it, leaving the person much better off than they started, yet feeling dismal themselves.

If you find crowds, public places or certain people particularly stressful even though there is nothing to pinpoint why, you are most likely suffering from being very open energetically. If you start your day out optimistic and happy, only to find yourself frustrated, sad, stressed and out of sorts for no apparent reason, inadvertent absorption of negative energies could possibly be the case (however, I do not wish to belittle depression or mental illness and recommend that if you suffer from this often, you seek medical help).

You need to shield yourself from other people’s energy, or it will take it’s toll. Shielding can be done in various ways, but two of my favourite are crystals and angels…. of course!! Black tourmaline, obsidian and amethyst are just a few of many crystals that make wonderful protective stones. These should be worn daily, but especially when you know that you are going to be in a place or situation that may bother you energetically. They can be worn as jewelry, carried in your pockets, or placed around your home or office, however they will always work better when they are in contact with the skin. Be vigilant in cleansing the crystals whenever you have returned from a stressful situation, and also cleanse them after regular use as they are absorbing and transmuting the energy for you and need to be cleared.

In conjunction with the crystals, ask your angels and guides, and the Archangels, especially Archangel Michael, to assist you in shielding yourself energetically. This can be repeated as often as you feel necessary, and is a great practice to get into every morning before you even get into bed. At night, you can ask the angels to cleanse and clear your energy, visualizing yourself surrounded in a bubble of bright white love and light. These practices will radically change the way that you deal with every day stresses, and allow more joy, harmony and balance into your life.


*Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish



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