St. Padre Pio ~ Healing

St. Padre Pio ~ Healing
St. Padre Pio ~ Healing, from the Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Daily Angel Oracle Card: St. Padre Pio ~ Healing, from the Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

St. Padre Pio ~ Healing: “This is a powerful card, as it signifies the power of prayer. Your requests regarding healing have been heard and answered. The situation is surrounded by God’s rejuvenating love and is resolving itself in a  miraculous way. Your prayers are particularly powerful, so keep them up. You may also want to enlist the devotion of others (such as a church prayer group) to amplify this process.

This is also a message about your healing abilities and a call from Heaven for you to use those talents to help others in a more powerful way. If you elect to follow this calling, God will open the doors for your career. St. Padre Pio, who both heals and helps those who follow this path, will inspire and protect you as you make any necessary life changes.

St. Padre Pio was a tireless worker, devoted to personally helping the thousands who visited his church and hospital in Italy. In addition, his mystical experiences and healings are legendary. While kneeling before a crucifix, stigmata formed on his body and remained there for 50 years, until just prior to his death. Many people report having visions of St. Padre Pio, and miracle healings and protection from harm are associated with these visits.

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

There is nothing more powerful than prayer. There is nothing more powerful than prayers that you have faith and belief in. There is nothing more powerful than praying for the answer, as you surrender the problem to the Divine. This is how miracles happen; when we allow the assistance we have been asking for through our prayers.

Your prayers have been heard, and this is a powerful message to step out of your own way and let the Universe provide your solution. What you most desire is possible for you, but you must not block yourself with fear, you must allow the flow. Give up control of the situation and allow the solution to come to you.

Be especially aware of messages, signs and synchronicities at this time; they are a direct communication from the Universe guiding you in the right direction. Look for Earth Angels at this time too; people who are specially placed in your life to help you. They may offer you support, guidance or opportunities that will assist you in getting where you need to be. Have courage and follow your intuition when you are offered a new opportunity, it may just open doors that you never even thought possible!

When you say your prayers, include gratitude. Always take time to thank the angels for listening to your prayers and sending you the perfect solutions, by the Grace of God, for the highest good of all involved. They will send you miracles in return.


I graciously accept Divine Guidance daily.

I embrace the opportunities sent to me by the Universe.

I receive expected and unexpected gifts of abundance, health, prosperity and harmony today and every day.

My prayers are answered.

Thank you Angels.


* Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    I always give thanks in my prayers and I thank you

  2. romy bansal says:

    hello hey i am suffering negative waves around me,please help me from these waves….thanks my phn no 8437733386

    1. Hello Romy, I would suggest you wear Black Tourmaline to repel negative energy, do a cord cutting ritual (search my previous posts for cord cutting such as: and smudge yourself and your house with Sage. These measures will assist you greatly in removing negative people and vibrations from your life. Blessings, love and light!

  3. Rosie M. Días says:

    Lord, Virgin Mary, Father Pio, Archangel, Guardian Angel, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Jerard, St. Anthony, I recently suffered a (TIA) mini stroke from stress, nervousness, and anxiety. THANK YOU!!! 🙌🏼 For hearing my prayers and getting me out of the zone that I was in when having the cats can done. Please HEAL ME! I’m experiencing hot waves through my body, headaches, pressure in my ears, nervousness and anxiety again. Plus I feel a presence around me and my family. All we do is fight around here and my baby gets very agitated and throws tantrums. Please walk through my house and remove it…please ask it to leave our home and to leave us ALONE!!! Please remove the fear that I feel in my gut and afraid to die. Please don’t let this anxiety take over my life. Please HELP Me forget my past giving me the strength to change my attitude, the bitterness and stubbornness and miserableness, and help me Forgive my past and giving it all to u. Its ruining my future w/ my husband n children. Please give me the Strength to pray every day and get more involved w/ our church. Thank You!!! For sending my Aunt Esther and My cousin Carmen to come over my house and educate me back to the bible and for also blessing my house and my self and baby. AMEN!!!!

    1. Rosie, prayers for you and your family, it sounds like you have a lot going on. Keep reading every day and please do your best to take some moments every day to breathe deeply, get outside, drink water, eat healthy and take good care of yourself. Hug your baby and ask that Mother Mary always be by your side to assist you. Have you ever watched Joel Osteen on Youtube? Maybe he would help to inspire you and uplift you when you are feeling anxious, I recommend that you watch him as much as you can. See the good in your life and know that you are capable and worthy of more. Blessings, love and light. Dee

  4. mariano fernandes says:

    hi i get my back pain my eye sight getting weak my joints pain plesa pray for me healing

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