Guardian Angel ~ Stress Management

Guardian Angel ~ Stress Management
Guardian Angel ~ Stress Management, from the Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Guardian Angel ~ Stress Management, from the Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Guardian Angel ~ Stress Management: “Your angels are working with you to reduce the impact of stress. Pay close attention to your Divine guidance, such as thoughts or feelings about taking a rest, exercising, changing  your routine, and avoiding conflict. You need to both reduce stress in your life and manage the way it is affecting you.

To lessen this burden, you will need to be assertive with people and say no to unwanted requests. Do not do anything out of guilt or obligation, and only engage in activities that you can perform out of loving service. Avoid harsh environments, violent media, and negative relationships, and face any situations that are worrying you head-on. It is better to make plans for dealing with problems, rather than deal with chronic worry by avoiding them.

Managing stress involves taking excellent care of yourself. This means exercising, getting outside in nature, and consuming only healthful foods and beverages. Your angel also guides you to surround yourself with uplifting music, flowers, and loving relationships (which can definitely include your pets). Give any cares or needs to your guardian angels, and ask them to help you receive Divine wisdom in dealing with any stressful matters. Your angels will also help you to see the love and light within each situation so that your thoughts are peaceful.*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Christmas can be one of the most joyful times of year; fun and exciting to pick out special gifts for our family and close friends; getting together to celebrate and enjoying the festivities that the season has to offer. It can also be overwhelmingly stressful as we try to budget for the extra expense, get along with estranged family members and spread ourselves way too thin by trying to go to every event we are invited to… even the ones we dread. Often by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, we are so totally stressed we can’t even fathom yet another celebration. January can be exhausting and anti climactic as the bills start coming in and the overindulgence shows up in everything from our Visa card to our waistband!

So now is the time to be mindful of how you can manage your stress during the Christmas; enjoying the present moment and not going into holiday overwhelm. Carve out some time for yourself to get centered every day… or several times a day if you are finding it really stressful. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, a brisk walk around the block, a sea salt bath, even some quiet time to enjoy a good book or repeat your affirmations will help immeasurably. Give yourself the gift of serenity and sanity by saying no to spending extra time with people who really tax you or stress you out, minimize if you can. I realize that this may be close relatives, but you must sometimes put yourself first, so look at ways that you can keep it short and sweet if possible!

And remember, if you can, to spend some time with someone who needs the company. Go see an elderly relative, volunteer at a rest home or a soup kitchen for a day, pick out a gift for Santa’s Anonymous and make a child’s Christmas special. When we reach out to those who are in more challenging situations than ourselves tends to really put things in perspective.


* Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    thank you I am going to take this good advise xxx

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