Adventure, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan
Adventure, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Adventure, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Adventure: “This card indicates a need to see your life as an adventure. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so why not make the most of today? By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to step out of the rut of your everyday life to experience exciting new things. It does not have to be anything dramatic; just a couple of minor adjustments can add a little adventure and zing.

This is a time to be inquisitive and daring. You might want to rearrange your furniture or experiment with new styles of clothing. Perhaps you could eat a different type of food, take up a new hobby, or go on an overseas voyage. Sometimes a new version of something familiar is enough to shake things up. Even a random act of kindness can be adventure in itself.

In order to to improve your current situation, you are beings asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are leading you toward new experiences and adventures. You have got people to meet, and plenty of things to see. So open yourself up to the unknown, revitalize your soul, and broaden your horizons. Adventure stimulates the life force and enhances your connection to Source.


I broaden my life experience, and therefore expand the growth of my soul.”*

– Michelle Buchanan

There is an old saying that “A change is as good as a holiday,” or something like that. Although I am a travel nut… who rarely gets to travel at the moment… sigh… I get what it means. Sometimes we just need to shake up the stagnant energy a bit and it’s actually pretty easy to do! When we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, the best thing we can do (if Hawaii isn’t an option… sigh…) is create some change in our every day lives. We need to find some passion, some inspiration and some new motivation.

This does not have to be an expensive project; it can be simple and still rewarding. Getting outside despite whatever the weather may be doing is my first recommendation. Fresh air is the biggest motivator on the planet; getting to the beach, forest, park or garden and taking a brisk walk (or just getting out there to breathe deeply if walking is not an option for you) will clear your head, recharge your energy and give you a chance to reconnect with the elemental energies. This is the perfect time to receive inspirational messages and Diving Guidance from the Earth, the trees, the Faery and your angels as you clear out the cobwebs and raise your vibration. Always take time to breathe deeply, be in the moment and use all of your senses to gratefully accept the abundance of nature into your body, mind and spirit.

Secondly, do something fun for yourself. What do you love doing that you have neglected lately? Do you have a hobby or passion that you haven’t made time for? Do you have an exercise routine that you can’t seem to fit in? Do you have something that you have longed to learn? (Learning something new is a passion of mine!!) This is the time to look into your options, as you still have time to sign up for something to start 2015 with a new beginning. Put fear aside and know that if you take the first step, and decide to immerse yourself in something new, it will draw fresh energy, new people, and more love, light and joy into your life.

Take a leap of faith… act now and commit to adding some adventure into your life and see where it takes you!


* Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan



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