The Secret Path

The Secret Path, From the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish
The Secret Path, From the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, The Secret Path, From the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

The Secret Path: “An irresistible pull down a distinct path, Ley lines, Mystical traditions.”

“Faeries love country paths and wooded ways that twist and bend and take shape, but that are mysterious and very bright and dark, spooky and sweet all at the same time. Likewise, your own path must have both light and shade, and it is never straight! Faeries walk their paths to revive the land, and they take rests at special trees and wells, as you do, in your own way, create magic when you are true to your path.

When this card makes her magical appearance, you know you are being drawn down a path that has the potential to lead you to a rich source of wisdom – one danced and sang and dreamt down by these faeries you now see. These faeries would have been spoken of in the old ways as “trooping” but here we would say they are following their path: swiftly, joyfully, singing and dancing their way to a destination that will be full of riches and joy, profound learnings and deep initiations.

These faerie beings are winding and dancing their way back to a sacred place: a resting zone for faeries to return to when the world outside as let them there. They will go within for a time and feast in the halls of faerie; learn songs, dance with new steps, and then continue on their journey through the land. Though many faeries guard a physical place, there are others who dance the lines of power through out the lands, and under the sea, beneath the hills and through the rivers, as the mermaids, whales, sirens, naiads and nymphs do. These faeries are dancing the lines of power that lead many of us to the sacred sites, and as long as these faeries continue this dance, we too will know where to place out feet, one in front of the other, in order to be on our path. Because our path can be something we reach by taking a pilgrimage. When this card dances towards you, you are being beckoned again to rejoin your path, and perhaps your first steps will be to wander a little, to travel, and see where the lines of magic within the earth herself take you. Paint our body with a little of the earth, and let the earth on you sing to the earth beneath your feet, and soon the song will be alive in your blood again. You are also reminded y the faeries that you can walk your path, be dragged along your path, meander from your path, slow down on your path or dance and be joyful on your path. How you walk it is empowered by your unique self’s intent, and as you already know, intent is the heart of many a matter. You may find it is a winding path you walk, or a labyrinthine one, one which seems a maze, but here in truth there is always only one way to go, only one place your foot can fall in front of the other. Take steps again to be on your path. Reconnect with the song of the land that sings in your blood, and you too, like these beautiful beings, will be called home.

Divinitory Meanings: Ley lines, walking meditations, building or walking a labyrinth, and journeys to sacred sites are all important to you now. You may wish to travel to lands where the olde ways are respected, to explore faery mounds, hills such as the Tor in Glastonbury, Newgrange, or Tara in Ireland. You will soon be welcoming friendships made by being true to who you are and being willing to enter into the mystery of the song of life. Joyful dance of connection. Loving, happy friendships with purpose. Traveling companions who inspire bliss on the journey. This card heralds a blissful stage of your life journey.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

Your Soul purpose is calling to you. The faeries want you to know that it is time to get back on track, following your heart down your life’s true authentic path; trusting in the Universe that you will be supported and Divinely guided. There is no more need to hide from what you desire, for what makes you most joyful is in fact what you should be doing. No more fear, no more judgement, and no more lack of acceptance. This is your calling, get ready to FLY!

Joyously undertake this journey and become one with the flow of All That Is. Fight it and see the obstacles jump up; seemingly out of nowhere. You are not a victim, you are the creator of your dreams. If you find yourself being redirected, know that the Faeries are helping guide you, and that they will continue to nudge, push or shove you in the right direction. Whatever it takes to get you where you need to be!

So take it easy on yourself and decide right now that you will walk your path with grace and ease.


* From the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish


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