Harmony, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Harmony, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Harmony: “Power, Self-confidence, Productivity.”

“This card heralds a period of inner and outer harmony. In the coming months you will feel an increased sense of self-confidence which will result in greater productivity. It is as if you have learnt to harness the primal forces of nature and are able to channel this energy in a powerful and meaningful way to achieve your goals. your guiding stars are in harmonious alignment at present. This is a fortunate time for you and this period will continue for several months. Be mindful of the power you have at present. Honour it, respect it and use it wisely. What you learn in this time will help you greatly in the future.

Observe your state of mind during this time as well as your actions and how others react to you. Notice how many doors open and how previously inaccessible paths now become clear of obstacles. All you desire comes to you with little effort, all because there is harmony in your inner and outer worlds. Remember this in the future for it will serve you well.

I am one with the forces of nature

I am one with the Earth and all creation

I use my power wisely and to great effect

I create harmony in my life through love and acceptance

I achieve my goals with ease”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

As you step back into your power with the intention of following your Soul’s path, you find your true, authentic self. This is a very auspicious time, and you are heading in the right direction! Be mindful of opportunities at this time; some which you may previously have thought were “over your head” or not for you are exactly what you now need to move forward, do not let fear hold you back. You will notice new people coming into your life over the next several weeks who can help you, they are being guided by the Universe to you to ease your journey and assist you in seeing the possibility opening to you at this time.

You, in turn, will also be guided to assist those around you. You will be drawn to help people see life from a broader perspective; letting go of lack and embracing abundance. Through helping others see that they are surrounded by the beauty and abundance of the Universe, you will find it yourself. You are a vessel of love and are asked to focus on expanding your capacity for light and love in order to help heal the planet and all of her creatures.

Notice the I AM phrases above; using I AM in your affirmations is the fastest way to create a Universal connection… like a super clear WIFI connection. When you start with I AM, you acknowledge the Divinity in yourself and the connection to Source energy. Use this as a tool to raise your vibration and consciousness, especially to ward off old habits of doubt, self-defeat or fear. Kick them to the curb with love and Universal I AM consciousness.








* Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno



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  1. Adam says:

    I love you

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