Sound The Fierce Flute

Sound The Fierce Flute
Sound The Fierce Flute, from the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sound The Fierce Flute, from the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

Sound The Fierce Flute: ” Discernment empowers you to make choices that are aligned with your spiritual intentions. Like a fierce sounding flute cutting through tall vibrations with purity and intent, your discernment allows you to stay true to your values and spiritual destiny, without getting caught up in distraction. If you wish to grow spiritually through love, joy, peace and abundance, then discerning between higher and lower vibrational choices is helpful.

“It is wise to be accepting of all of life and not to judge people or situations as good or bad. Some are more pleasant than others and yet sometimes a challenge can turn out to bring us great growth and opportunity, which in turn, becomes a blessing. However, this does not mean that we are wise to abandon the power of choice. We can use our discernment to be guided on our Path to the most joyful, uplifting and helpful experiences for your soul growth.

Discernment is not judgment. It does not render some things better or worse than others. It is the power of selection based on desire or intention. If we intend to grow through joy and adventure, rather than fear or suffering, then we can use our discernment to make choices that feel expansive and uplifting, rather than constrictive or draining.

Discernment is necessary in all realms of life from the physical to the spiritual. From the sort of lifestyle we choose to lead, to the people we choose to spend time with or the ways that we spend most of our time, even the kinds of spiritual energies that we invoke, discerning choices help us craft our reality. A wise use of discernment helps us be truthful, clear and accurate in our perception. Like the fierce flute cutting through all vibrations, discernment shatters illusions and gets to the truth of a matter, right to the essence. With truth there are no “nasty surprises” later on, or if there are, we can deal with them swiftly and use them for growth with minimal suffering. We can ascertain what is real and what is false. This inner knowing informs our choices so that we seek out those people, places, opportunities and experiences that feel aligned with Love. Them our life path becomes one of greater joy and well-being.

Your discerning powers are growing and you are capable of greatest discernment when you listen to your heart and are able to let go of fear and shame which can cloud your perception. This oracle has come to you because you are in need of seeing a situation in your life from your heart rather than from appearances. Don’t be afraid to trust your own vision, beloved, it will help you live your truths and take good care of yoru own Soul.

Sounding The Fierce Flute:

“Sit with your journal or notebook and for a moment contemplate your deepest desires this lifetime and write down several of these. Some examples might be to experience abundance and prosperity on material and spiritual levels, to experinece genuine love and friendship, to feel free to be your whole Self, to creatively express yourself, to grow spiritually and taste the bliss of your divine nature.

Say aloud, “I now give myself permission to make choices that feel aligned with my deepest intentions! I forgive myself for any time I have not made choices that support my deepest intentions. I forgive others who might have held me back, even with out meaning to do so, and I now choose to be discerning in my choices so that I create my life experience as I most desire and intend it to be. I call on Kuan Yin to sound her fierce flute, so that I may shatter illusion and discern truth! So be it!”

-Alana Fairchild

I got new oracle cards for Christmas and I am excited to share them with you! Kuan Yin shares her abundant Divine Feminine wisdom and creativity, allowing us to grow and expand our consciousness through her amazing energy and guidance. This message is profound and yes, it is for you!

Although I am committed to posting daily, I may rely on the cards during the holiday season to speak their message to you depending on what’s happening at my own home. This allows me more time with my own family at this special time of year. Wishing you and yours all the very best… and know that if you are not surrounded by family, you are always surrounded by your angels.



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