Ostara ~ Fertility

Ostara ~ Fertility
Ostara ~ Fertility, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ostara ~ Fertility, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Ostara ~ Fertility: “It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions.”

Message From Ostara: “Springtime is any time when the light increases within your mind and entire system. If you feel dark, heavy or depressed, then you can lighten up by fueling yourself with positive intentions, nutritious foods and anything that sparks your feelings of love. Surround yourself with beautiful flowers, brighten the colours in your wardrobe and home, and draw back the curtains to let in natural light. You can paint a sunnier outlook within yourself, which will give rise to all sorts of new opportunities, since like attracts like. Feel more energized and powerful as you spruce up your inner and outer worlds. Then capitalize on this increased vigor by starting a new project that really makes your heart sing with excitement!”

Various Meanings Of This Card: “This card signifies pregnancy. You will be involved with a successful child conception, adoption, or custody resolution. Your desire will fully manifest in the springtime. There will be a resurrection of the old. Your new idea or venture will be successful. It is an opportune time to make life changes.”

About Ostara: “(pronounced Oh-STAR-uh): She is the Teutonic goddess of fertility and springtime, who is sometimes called “Eostre.” The words East and Easter were both named after Ostara, because of the reference to the sun rising in the east, and the increase in sunlight beginning in the Celtic springtime. She is celebrated during the spring equinox as the bringer of increased light and the balance between nighttime and daytime hours. Call upon Ostara to increase your fruitfulness, fertility, or to help you embark on new ventures.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

This card is a validation that you are on the right track! Your creative powers are extremely potent at this time, and you will be able to “give birth” to just about anything you set your mind to. When you have this kind of manifestation ability, you need to make sure you are setting your sights high and removing restrictions and limitations that you may have perceived in the past. Ask Ostara to support you in bringing your ideas into action; focusing on the spring for your time of fruition…it’s only a couple of months away!

Maybe you have bee wondering how can you let more light into your life right now? Are you feeling a little of the January blues? I have to admit, I do find that right after the holidays are over, the decorations are down, and the weather… well here on the Wet Coast of Canada anyway, is chilly and wet, the days are short and the sun is stingy… it’s easy to find yourself feeling a little blue. There are several tools you can use to easily shift this energy; allowing you to take more light into your life. One is sound, particularly music, although the sounds of birds in the forest is equally beneficial. Music can shift your mood quickly and effectively from down and dreary to uplifted and energetic. Also, practicing mindful deep breathing, yoga, getting out in the fresh air (even in the rain, wind or snow!), exercise, and meditation (yes I realize this is the opposite of sound, but silence can be effective too and you must find what works best for you.) Praying or talking to your angels also helps to lift your spirit, especially if you do it in gratitude for all the wonderful things coming your way (as if they are already here of course!) Seek your inspiration and it will propel you to places you have only dreamed of. Know in your heart that you are a powerful manifestor, fully supported by the Universe, and that this is your year to recreate your ultimate reality.

Have faith in your ideas and know that all your creations need in order to breathe life into them is your focus, gratitude, commitment, light and love.


* Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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