The Lady Of The Mirror

The Lady Of The Mirror
The Lady Of The Mirror, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid


Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Lady Of The Mirror, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Lady Of The Mirror ~ Ally/Challenger: “Reflection, Non-judgement.”

“The The Lady Of The Mirror is both Ally and Challenger, asking you to see yourself in the mirror made by the events in your life. She represents the powerful force of the Law Of Attraction and reminds you that what you are is what you attract.

This is not to say that you need to blame yourself for inviting transgressions or if you find yourself for inviting transgressions or if you find yourself a victim of a big picture event – say a war. This is a distorted interpretation of this law. Certain events are fated to test our faith.

Rather, find yourself within the web woven through our life – your relationships, opportunities, desires, seeming failures, and successes. Observe how you have responded to life’s challenges, great and small , and be aware of what is familiar in the present. Release all judgment, and accept things exactly as they are with love.

The Lady of the Mirror asks that you honour every part of your story as essential to your highest unfolding. Can you see yourself as being exactly where you need to be on your path? Do you love what you see in the mirror? Can you perceive your part in your reactions and the motives behind your current inquiry? You will find your answer in a thorough and honest self-appraisal.”*

– Colette Baron Reid

It’s not easy to take responsibility for all that we may have attracted into our lives to date. In fact, it’s way easier to blame circumstance, people, missed opportunities and mistakes. For many, it’s even easier to plot revenge than it is to admit that they may have had a hand it what has happened in their past. Often we spend so much time looking at what has gone wrong, that we don’t realize that this is, in fact, why things keep going wrong. We are still ordering from the same menu.

In order to change this around, we must take a long hard, but heartfelt look at what surrounds us. Taking responsibility for what our lives look like gives us strength; it give us control; and it gives us choice. Once we realize where the patterns are; where the red flags were ignored; where we let the people in who did not have our highest good in mind; and where our choices were less than healthy… we have the choice to change all that. Starting now.

The present is a powerful time; but how much time do we spend here? Do we pop in for a sec here and there, between agonizing over the past and fearing the future? Do we hang out and smell the roses after declaring yet again that we will be happy when ___________? Or do we plant our feet firmly in the present, the right here and right now as if it is a brand new opportunity for growth, creation and manifestation… despite our current circumstances? No matter what?

What if every morning really is a clean slate? What if every past perceived mistake lives in a bubble of time somewhere never to be repeated? What if… and this is the best one… we could make the future look any way we desired by creating it right now? With our thoughts.

Stop! Drop all that baggage! Create!

(think big!… oh come one…. bigger than that!!)


* Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid



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