Ascended Master Manjushri ~ Listen

Ascended Master Manjushri ~ Listen, from the Ascended Master Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
Ascended Master Manjushri ~ Listen, from the Ascended Master Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ascended Master Manjushri ~ Listen, from the Ascended Master Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Ascended Master Manjushri ~ Listen: “You can hear your Divine guidance best by quieting yourself and listening. Shut out noisy stimulation like telephones and television and relax in a quiet place. Do not try to make anything happen. Just listen to our own thoughts, breath, and the rhythm of your heart. Then mentally ask questions of your guides and angels. Listen to the loving truth that they speak in your heart, body, and mind. Listen to your own inner truths. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly.

Additional Meanings Of This Card: Have a quiet retreat. Your guides and angels are talking to you – are you listening? Less talking and more listening is called for right now. Admit your true feelings to yourself. Listen to what messages any aches or pains are trying to tell you (the body always talks to those who listen).

Manjushri is a Buddhist deity of wisdom who holds a sword to cut through illusions and bring about clarity and understanding. Call upon Manjushri for help with understanding Diving messages, and to increase your receptivity to Divine intelligence and wisdom.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Before the fog lifts, there is silence. When there is silence we can hear our angels and guides if we listen carefully… grounded and centered, releasing the stress and overwhelm, and tuning in to our innermost depths.

There is something that you need to know right now, and your angels and guides have been working to get your attention. Maybe you have passed off their signs and messages as mere coincidence; or you have been so busy worrying (and creating more of what you DO NOT WANT by doing so… just a friendly reminder!!) that you may have blinders on to the opportunities being sent your way. Maybe you need a nudge in the right direction; one that forces you out of your comfort zone in order to get to where you need to be. Maybe you have been ignoring the red flags being waved at you about a certain person or situation… What rings true for you? You know, in reading this right now, what the situation is that they are addressing. Now you must listen to the guidance they offer.

Birds and animals are wonderful messengers of the Divine; have you had any strange, recurring or out of the ordinary experiences with birds or animals lately? This is a wonderful way to get your attention, and if you have, you can look up that particular animal totem and see if it has a message that resonates with you.

Song lyrics, books jumping off shelves or being given to you unexpectedly, and snippets of conversations caught “on the fly” (for example in the coffee shop or gym changeroom) can also be signs if they resonate strongly with what you are going through yourself. This synchronicity is the Universe supplying valuable information to you in hopes that you take notice. The more you notice, the more it will come.

Take a few moments today to breathe deeply, centering and grounding yourself and ask Manjushri to assist you in connecting to the Divine Guidance and wisdom that the Universe has for you. Send gratitude and love for the support you are getting; even if it isn’t exactly what you would “like” to hear. All is in perfect Divine Order.


The Universe guides me to my most harmonious reality. I receive clear signs and messages of love from my angels, today and every day.


* Ascended Master Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    thank you I have gone back to relaxing with my angels in a morning as I felt that is what they wanted me to do and I feel so loved for doing it so it can’t be wrong love&light to all

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