Communication, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan
Communication, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Communication, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Communication: “This card indicates a need to communicate your thoughts and feelings and have the courage to speak your truth. Instead of keeping things to yourself out of fear of judgment, ridicule, or conflict, you must express your honest opinion. By doing so, you are releasing that energy from your being and promoting a healthy body and mind.

This card indicates that you have something important to say. You are being encouraged to communicate or express yourself through writing, speaking, singing, dancing, acting, music or art. You may prefer to compose poetry or note your thoughts in a journal and keep your ideas and feeling to yourself; or you may choose to voice them to others so that you may give and receive guidance, wisdom, and hope. Whether your message is intended to inspire those around you or to simply heal yourself, it is important and necessary to help raise your own vibration, which in turn raises the vibration of the world.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to communicate and express your truth. When you are honest and respectful, and seek to serve the greater good, your message will be received in the best possible light. Honest communication is the key.


By communicating my truth, I create a healthy, harmonious life.”*

– Michelle Buchanan

There are two aspects to this card. One is that you must share your truth fearlessly, as it may have more impact on those around you than you can imagine… in a good way! When you speak your truth, and refuse to be held hostage by fear, judgment and doubt, you open the doors for others to do the same. You can inspire others to lead with their own truth, which will help us all to create authenticity in our lives. When we are being honest, we amplify our powers of manifestation with the clarity that comes with knowing, and being able to say, exactly what it is that you wish to create. It also forces people to see you for who you really are, rather than who they would like you to be. This creates acceptance and brings the vibration of Unconditional Love in from the Universe. This is the beginning of living in Christ Consciousness. (it is not an coincidence that this card is number 33 ~ Ascended Masters.)

The second aspect of this card is the sharing of important information with others. We are moving beyond the “hoarding” of information, or keeping secrets. There is no more need to save information all to ourselves when knowing it could benefit others. This is a lack mentality. When we realize that there has always been, and will always be, more than enough of EVERYTHING to go around, we will no longer feel the need to hold our silence when we find something that works. We will share with our hearts and Souls, wishing only to spread the word for the highest good of all.

What truth has been left unspoken?

Are you ready to share?


* Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan




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