Enchantment, from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
Enchantment, from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Enchantment, from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Enchantment ~ Card Meaning: “Recapture your childlike sense of wonder and awe. View the world as a magical place.”

“Remember when you were a child and how magical the world seemed? The sense of enchantment is the spirit of our inner child. Somewhere along the way, did you lose that sense of wonder? The angels ask you to recapture your magical sense by remembering that a miraculous power surrounds you. Ask God and the angels to help you with anything – small or large. Do not worry – you are not removing angels from  “more important” tasks when you ask for their help with everyday situations. They truly want to support you so that you are free of worries. In that way, you exude the joy and wonder of children who trust that they are taken care of. And when you are joyful, your Divine light inspires everyone who sees you.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

I often take my kids up into the forest close to our house to look for faeries and unicorns. We examine the ferns and buds of flowers, we plant crystals in the ground near our favourite trees and we listen to see if the birds have any special messages for us. We stand by the “magic trees” and look up into the sky, thinking of as many things we can be grateful for as possible; often in a little group hug. The magic trees are magic because they are the center of a perfect circle of pine trees, and when you stand between them, you can put your arms around both at the same time. When you look up, it looks like they meet in the sky making one tree. I know I probably only have a few more years left of searching for faeries and unicorns with my kids, before they are teenagers and have busier and more exciting things to do, but I cherish the time that we spend together wandering through the forest with the dog. I like to stand back and marvel at their wild imaginations; the games they invent together about being on safari, seeing dinosaurs, living in the forest. And Iove listening to them earnestly telling me the difference between the water faeries that live by the creeks or the forest faeries that live in the trees and flowers, pointing out little rings of mushrooms where they must have hosted parties.

When we become adults, it is easy to lose that sense of magic in our lives. We take on so much responsibility, and joy and wonder get a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. There isn’t a lot of mystery left when you can “google it” in about 30 seconds! This is why books, movies, TV and games are such a big hit now, it’s that little escape from reality that we so desire.

Take a few moments today to connect with your inner child. Breathe deeply and dive into your happiest memories of how free and fun things were. Feel what it was like to be full of wonder and awe, looking for faeries, making a new friend, interacting with your first pet or playing your favourite sport. What did freedom and curiosity feel like? Try to bring some back with you now, into your adult life. Spend some time, preferably outside, connecting with nature like kids do; seeing the blades of grass, the beautiful birds and the fascinating insects. Lie on the grass and feel Gaia’s heart beat in time with yours. Hug a tree. Skip. Laugh. Smile til your cheeks hurt. Use this time to lighten up…. let your spirit soar.


*Healing With The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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