Swan ~ Grace

Swan ~ Grace, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer
Swan ~ Grace, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Swan ~ Grace, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Swan ~ Grace: “Appreciate the Beauty, Inside and all around you.”

“Look up at the stars tonight. Smell the fragrances in the air. Greet the sunrise tomorrow. Hear the sounds of Mother Nature’s creatures as she awakens for the day. Look and really see the beauty and elegance of everything, from the tiniest leaf to the most gigantic tree, and all that is in between. Do not judge what you see or experience as good of bad; instead, appreciate the precious uniqueness of the diverse elements that make up this wonderful world in which we exist.

You really need to get outdoors in nature to deepen this experience of appreciation. Mother Earth is your true mother – you are birthed from her through your biological mother. Honour her by simply reveling in the remarkable tapestry of her diverse expressions, and as you do, breathe deeply and slowly. You and your world are intimately interwoven, and you are alive in that world. Appreciate your own beauty and the magnificent being that you are as you revel in the elegant exquisiteness of all that you see, hear and feel.

Additional Associations:
Peace; Elegance; Purity, Innocence.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Are you seeing your own true beauty? Or could you be hung up on petty physical issues that are taking up too much of your time? Do you see that what you are here on the physical plane is like the tip of the iceberg, that there is so much more to you than what meets the eye?

We are trapped in the beliefs of our society thanks to a troublingly powerful media. Are we really better people if we have perfect bodies and fabulous hair? Do we really base how we feel about each other by whether we have wrinkle free faces and perfect nails? Or are we being brainwashed to believe that the models, actors and sports stars are better than us because of their ability to afford hours of personal trainers, plastic surgery and expensive clothing? Why did we buy into thinking that in order to be a “hot” mama, we have to be thinner after having a baby than before? Do we respect our elders if they choose to grow old gracefully, forgoing plastic surgery and hair colour for a natural appearance, or have we set up unrealistic expectations for the aging population? What expectations do you hold for yourself physically, and how does that affect how you value yourself?

Swan is here to remind us that we are so much more. We are being asked to release all old beliefs about our own self worth according to the way we see ourselves physically. We are being asked to gaze into our eyes and see our beautiful Souls instead of any perceived flaws. We are being asked to hold compassionate and loving space in our hearts for ourselves and the bodies we currently occupy. These bodies are what we make them, they are always capable of change and they are always capable of healing. They are our chariots in this present reality and we will do ourselves a world of good lovingly and unconditionally accepting them. They have held all of our pain and anger and emotion, they have taken us to places we have longed to go, they have taught us lessons… whether we wanted to learn them or not!

Breathe deeply, look in the mirror and silently or aloud send love right into your own eyes. Send gratitude, compassion and complete acceptance. Pull healing light down from the Universe and bathe this body of yours; bless it with love and healing. Ask Archangel Jophiel to work closely with you in finding peace and acceptance with your physical body and assist you in seeing your own Divine inner light. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal any issues you are having with your physical body, and release any harmful or angry thoughts you may have been having regarding your body. Decide to see the beauty in every person, every creature, every flower and tree, every star.

Starting with your own.


* Power Animal Oracle Card deck by Stephen D Farmer


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  1. Barry Bettelyoun says:

    I AM MOST GRATEFUL (  )  Wing to ya ;BB

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