Angel Of Love ~ Reversed

Angel Of Love ~ Reversed
Angel Of Love ~ Reversed, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Angel Of Love ~ Reversed, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor

Angel Of Love ~ Reversed: “Tender Connections.”

“In the reversed position, the Angel of Love could indicate a possible disconnect in matters of the heart. While this sometimes signifies a divorce or separation, it could also imply an emotional rift where two people stay connected on a superficial basis – yet at a deeper level seem to be going their own ways.

In this position, the angel can also refer to an old separation, if the longing remains alive in one partner’s heart. If you find yourself unable to let go, this loving angel is telling you it is time to release any toxic or unrequited attachment you may be holding on to. The Universe is waiting for you to free your heart and open your life to the fully present and honoring love that you so rightly deserve. So look in the  mirror and see the Angel Of Love there with you. Know that you are worthy of this tender emotion – from yourself and others.


I love and value myself without limitation or condition. Tender, loving treatment comes to me in wonderful and unexpected ways.”*

– Sandra Anne Taylor

Who are you clinging on to for dear life? Why are you sticking around if you are miserable? Is it possible that you have lowered your standards and expectations; putting yourself in a compromising position when your heart is telling you NO? Are you listening to your heart? Is it possible that you feel that this is all you deserve in life? That if you leave, you will be alone, that you may be judged, or that you may disappoint others?

It’s time to take a closer look at what is keeping us stuck in less desirable or even toxic relationships and see if we can get to the root of why we feel we must stay.

There are many reasons we stay in relationships that make us feel bad; bad about ourselves, bad about the other person. Sometimes it even causes us to act in self-destructive ways; acting out our inner agony. We can eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, disappear behind the distraction of electronics… yet all that never makes the problem go away. Yet if we admit that there is a problem, then we feel we have to find a solution. If the solution means leaving the toxic relationship and striking out on our own, this can be scary. It can be so scary that we decide that we would rather just be miserable. Sometimes we even invent false hopes, telling ourselves it will get better, day after day; month after month; year after year….

So, what are you afraid of? Is it financial? Are you worried about supporting yourself? Is it acceptance from family or friends? Are you concerned of what people may think if you leave? Is it “for the kids?” Do you feel they need their parents to stay together no matter how unhappy they may be? Is it the facade you have been keeping up? That you would shock everyone as you have been keeping up appearances for so long you have forgotten what your life is really like?

No matter what is holding you back, you must start with changing the way you view and love yourself. Working on self love and acceptance is key. Often people are in our lives to mirror back to us what we don’t want. How we don’t want to be treated, how we don’t want to feel. When we stand up for ourselves, we shift how we see ourselves and how others see us too. I cannot give advice as to whether you should up and leave, that is ultimately up to you. But I can say that you are worth so much more than you think you are. That you are so much more beautiful than you see yourself. That you are perfect the way you are.

And that you deserve to be treated as such.

And if you are not, something needs to change.

And that starts with you.

With so much love.


* Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor


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  1. Justinaspence says:

    Thank you my angel

    1. Thank you Justina! Blessings, Love and Light!

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