Butterfly ~ Transformation

Butterfly ~ Transformation, from the Power Animals Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer
Butterfly ~ Transformation, from the Power Animals Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Butterfly ~ Transformation, from the Power Animals Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Butterfly ~ Transformation: “Get ready for a breakthrough.”

“It is very possible to go through major changes calmly and willingly when you view them as natural and hold relentless positive expectations. Whether in the darkness before the storm of emergence, the process o coming out the self-created cocoon (which occasions some struggle at times), or the full and glorious expression of the new “you,” it is faith in the wisdom of Great Spirit and your conscious resonance with Source that will be your guiding force. There is no need to identify with or feel constricted within the cocoon or by the darkness before the light – it is only a phase!

The truth is that you are birthing each and every moment. Yet sometimes there are larger cycles that incorporate so many unexpected twists and turns that it can at times seem momentous and frightening. You may feel scattered, uncertain, flitting from this to that, with seemingly no thread of continuity that you can grab hold of. It is worth it to pause at those times, enjoy the richness and beauty of it all, and have absolute trust that this is a natural progression for your soul’s development. What is coming to fruition each and every time is more and more of the true Self that is your destiny.

Additional Associations For This Card:
Rebirth; Vibrancy; Reincarnation; Colourfulness.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Imagine a butterfly too afraid to break out of her cocoon. Instead, she stayed there thinking she was probably better off; safe and protected from the big scary world out there. Yes, the cocoon was a tight fit, the world in there did seem very small and limited, but the caterpillar did not know that becoming a butterfly was even an option. This butterfly saw herself as just a simple little caterpillar, and thought it best to stay exactly where she was. She had heard some stories. Stories of caterpillars who turned into amazing and beautiful creatures, spread their wings and took flight; soaring anywhere in the world they chose to go; following their dreams. Yet… what if that was just a story, just an old legend about some lucky caterpillars… best not to take the chance. She had never felt lucky, or special. It felt unlikely that something that wonderful could happen to her. At night she dreamed of flying, of seeing the world, of expressing herself and of meeting other beautiful creatures. She dreamed of flowers so brightly coloured and tantalizing it could really only be a dream. She longed for the courage to escape her cocoon, but yet her fear held her back every time. The cocoon got tighter and tighter.

One day, a tiny voice whispered to her in her dream. “Fly Dear One, you can do it. Spread your wings and fly. I will catch you. You are loved beyond measure. The world is blossoming just for you. You are perfect just the way you are. We need you here. Trust, Dear One. Fly.” It was her guardian angel of course, the very same one who had been inspiring her with dreams of the wonders which awaited her.

She breathed deeply and made the decision to have faith. She pushed her fears aside, boldly unfolded her wings, and burst from her cocoon into full glorious flight.

It was the best decision she ever made in her whole life.

And you can do it too.


* Power Animals Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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  1. thank you I needed this reminder today xx

  2. BlackSphinx says:

    I literally burst into tears reading this. ;_; Thank you for posting these daily draws!

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