Zincite ~ Creation

Zincite ~ Creation
Zincite ~ Creation, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Zincite ~ Creation, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Zincite ~ Creation: “Zincite is an amazing mineral Ally that ranges in colour from cherry red, through the orange ray, to golden yellow, occasionally exhibiting a light green or blue ray as well. This mineral does occur naturally in tiny crystals, but the most beautiful specimens are the result of the process of zinc smelting. These incredible crystals grow spontaneously within the ventilation shafts of some old-style zinc smelting furnaces, creating a wonderful synergy between the natural mineral world and the creative capacities of humanity.

Zincite is the Ally that embodies the frequencies of the Divine force of creation. This force has two parts; the first being the process of creation, and the second being the process of manifestation. The energy of creation is the frequency that we generate on an etheric level that creates a framework of energy, or etheric blueprint, of what we wish to bring into the physical world.”

The Message: “Zincite has appeared in your cards to tell you that creativity is called for in the current situation. You are a naturally creative being, and one of your roles on the Earth plane is to master the processes of creation and manifestation. An integral tool in learning to create is the energy of your own sexual drive. This drive is the same energy that you utilized as a child to create and play out your dreams and ideas. During puberty, this energy became almost exclusively channeled towards sexual expression. It is time to reclaim this important source of personal power by learning to channel this potent force into the higher realms of being.

Zincite has come to remind you of the joy you once found in releasing this energy through play and creativity. Allow the energy of Zincite to open and activate your second chakra, awakening the creative force within. Breathe the energy upward through your central chakric column, allowing it to clear and activate the higher chakras with it’s powerful vibration. By activating this powerful inner force of creativity, you will increase your ability to manifest new ideas, experiences and abundance in your life.

Zincite has come as a teacher on this quest of self knowledge and expression. Invoke the energy of Zincite and utilize the fire of your own being to transform and transmute your reality.

Chakra: Root, Navel, Solar Plexus

Affirmation: I follow my joy to abundance, prosperity and fulfillment.”*

– Naisha Ahsian

We are taught that the only way to create success in our lives is by action: HARD WORK. But is there another way? Can we not learn to create using the power of our thoughts? It is well known that we use a mere fraction of our brain power; yet we feel that to offset this we are better to keep the brain focused on worrying about what is going wrong while taking action and physically chasing what it is that we wish to have. This makes us feel like we are failing or not working “hard enough” when things don’t come as planned. It forces us to focus our concentration on the lack of what it is that we wanted to create. It often causes us to give up and take a step back to something easier, but much less fulfilling out of the fear of the inability to create what we actually want.

Yet the message here is to have FUN with it all! Worry and fun cannot occupy the same space; it’s impossible. You can’t truly enjoy yourself while worrying. But, you can decide that worry is getting you nowhere good and decide to have fun… instead!

Focus all of your attention for 1-3 minutes on the image on the card above, it is infused with the power of Zincite’s Ally, Creation. Let the bright fiery colours burn away your fears and worries; lifting your spirits. Stoke the fire with self doubts and limiting beliefs until you are all out of them. Then fill yourself with Zincite’s amazing power of Creation. Imagine yourself, the phoenix, rising from the ashes of this fire brand new. What do you look like? What do you FEEL capable of? What do you wish to Create? See yourself creating your desires and pulling them through the fire into this physical plane. Miracle after miracle. All for the highest good. So easy you can’t believe it. So much joy. So much peace.

So much FUN.


* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian



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