Walrus, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen D Farmer
Walrus, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Walrus, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen D Farmer

Walrus: “Remain vigilant about the current situation; pay attention to signs and omens, and let them dictate your choices.”

“Signs and omens show up in myriad ways, from the wind’s rustle of the trees that make it seems as if they are whispering to you at a barely audible level, to the rainbow that appears just before an event in which you are participating. When you are pondering any kind of question about your life purpose, relationships, career, or even everyday concerns such as whether to actually take the vacation that you had been planning, you can ask Spirit to give you clear and specific signs. Then watch, listen, feel and allow thoughts to flow. While you may not always get absolutely clear responses, more often than not you will pick up on signs or clues through your eyes, ears, sensations in your body, or thoughts that seem to come from out of the blue. You may even have vivid and remarkably lucid dreams that you can easily recall in the morning.

Look for the unusual and repetitious. For example, if you hear someone at the supermarket talking about Phoenix (auditory); spot a billboard advertisement with the word Phoenix prominently displayed (visual); and then recall a period of time when you lived in that  city, feeling a calmness and joy (sensations) when you bring up that memory (cognitive), these are all clues. It could be about the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Or it could be a subtle way that the spirit guide Phoenix is calling you, offering his help when you are ending one cycle completely and beginning the next one – as in the metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Omens are perceived in the four ways mentioned. If you do not get clear signs right away, keep your question or concern in your consciousness for the next few days. Journal about anything you find significant, and look for repetition. When you see an animal (or a symbol of that animal) showing up repeatedly, it is most likely an indication that your spirit guide is present. Trust the signs and your discernment of them, as they are one significant way that Spirit guides you along our path.

Fluidity; Watchfulness; Ingenuity; Alertness; Transitions: Gregariousness; Omens; Sociability; Earth; Water; Survival; Competence; Adept; Copious; Wordsmith; Circulation; Shamanism.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Walrus has stepped in to let you know that your animal spirit guides wish to communicate with you. These messages can sometimes appear cryptic, and may seem challenging to decipher, however, if you simply set the intention that they send you clear, concise and easy to interpret messages, they will happily oblige. Then, our job is to remove distractions and detach from the drama of every day life in order to be as receptive as possible. Spend as much time outside as possible to facilitate the flow of energy and information. Touch the trees; smell the flowers; listen to the birds; send love to the Earth. Breathe deeply and still your busy mind.

Embrace the signs, messages and omens… even if they are redirecting you. Surrender to the Divine, knowing that your highest good is manifesting.



* Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen D Farmer



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  1. Yihan Felix says:

    Thank you for this. How do you communicate with your animal spirit guide

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