The Green Woman

The Green Woman
The Green Woman, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud


Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Green Woman, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

The Green Woman: “Subtlety; Beauty; Fruition.”

“Just as there is a balance of masculine and feminine energy in all of us, there is that same balance of energy in all of nature. The Green Woman is the subtle “greening” of the world, the gentle flow of energy, creativity, inner strength, full of moisture and the nurturing qualities of plant life. She cradles us in her strong arms and soothes us with the healing energy of all that is beautiful, rather than awesome, in nature. When you observe the delicate ivy surrounding an ancient oak tree, when you smell a flower and marvel at the beauty of its form and colour, you honour the strength and the subtlety of the Green Woman.

When she appears before you in a reading, let her powerful, gentle energy surround and nurture you. A relationship calls for gentle “greening” sometimes. Tread softly and gently to bring a relationship to fruition in its tentative stages. Be strong in your convictions, but gentle in the manner in which you present them, and you emulate the Green Woman.”*

– Brian and Wendy Froud

Another message from the natural world. The Green Woman represents Mother Gaia, our amazing and powerful Earth Mother; Mother Nature. She is always here for us, but are we always here for her? This card, full of beauty and Divine grace, is also about nurturing the being who nurtures us. It is about using our innate and natural healing energy to heal the ultimate Mother; Earth.

Gaia needs us as much as we need her. She gives and gives and now she is ailing; she is tired and she is weakened in places. She is forlorn, often neglected and taken for granted. How do we feel when this happens in a relationship? Sad and forgotten, abused and used up. Her energy is flagging yet she endlessly provides. When will we see that we need to change things to make a difference? When it is too late?

Our loving thoughts and prayers are an elixir of love, light and healing for our beautiful planet. Our very presence among the trees, at the beach, gazing at the beautiful flowers and sending gratitude to the ocean and it’s creatures are all healing. Putting away the distractions of technology and committing to spending time outdoors is healing. Mindfully and sparingly using our resources and giving gratitude as we partake of them is healing. Teaching our children the value of the natural world over the technological world is healing.

We are being called to help our planet survive. We are being asked to use our thoughts and prayers to raise our own vibration and the vibration of everything and everyone around us. We are capable of much more than we can tangibly see, or experience through our limited senses, yet we are being given the keys and clues to expand these senses using love and light.

Spend some time outside in silence and deep contemplation. Send love, light and healing energy all around you. Use your powerful energy for the highest good. Use the powerful energy of the cosmic forces at our disposal today to increase your own power of light and love; the eclipse, the super new moon, the equinox. Harness this energy and use it for amazing and powerful healing. See yourself radiating out bright emerald green light from your heart all the way around the planet. Green is the colour for healing, it is the colour for the Heart Chakra, it is one of the many colours of love.

Together we can heal her; as we simultaneously heal ourselves.

Our beautiful Mother Gaia.


* Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud



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