Beyond Illusion

Beyond Illusion, from the Osho Zen Tarot card deck, by Osho
Beyond Illusion, from the Osho Zen Tarot card deck, by Osho

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Beyond Illusion, from the Osho Zen Tarot card deck, by Osho

Beyond Illusion: The butterfly in this card represents the outer, that which is constantly moving and that which is not real but an illusion. Behind the butterfly is the face of consciousness, looking inward to that which is eternal. That space between the two eyes has opened, revealing the lotus of spiritual unfoldment and the rising sun of awareness.

Through the rising of the inner sun, meditation is born. The card reminds us to to look outside for what is real, but to look within. When we focus on externals, we too often get caught up in judgments – this is good, this is bad, I want this, I don not want that. These judgments keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleepiness, our old habits and patterns. Drop your opinionated mind and move inside. There, you can relax into your own deepest truth, where the difference between dreams and reality is already known.

This is the only distinction between the dream and the real; reality allows you to doubt, and the dream does not allow you to doubt…

To me, the capacity to doubt is one of the greatest blessings to humanity. The religions have been enemies because they have been cutting the very roots of doubt, and there is a reason why they have been doing that: because they want people to believe in certain illusions that they have been preaching…

Why have the people like Gauntam Buddha been so insistent that the whole existence – except your witnessing self, except your awareness – is just ephemeral, made of the same stuff as dreams are made of? They are not saying that these trees are not there. Do not misunderstand because of the word “illusion” … it has been translated as illusion, but illusion is not the right word.

Illusion does not really exist. Reality exists. Maya is just in between – it almost exists. As far as day-to-day activities are concerned, it can be taken as reality. Only in the ultimate sense, from the peak of your illumination, does it become unreal, illusory.”*

– Ohsho

We have just come through a major shift in energy, another step up the ladder of our consciousness. Some time in uninterrupted silent contemplation and meditation is definitely in order to finish the assimilation and understanding of these energies. This is not an external transformation; although it may very well lead to one in near future. For now, it is an internal transformation; a shift in perspective; a re-evaluation of where we are focusing our attention and intention. It is a vital time to plan out the next phase of this year for the highest good of all involved. And the sky is the limit, but hopefully you see that this is part of the shift, the creation of new dreams and desires, the complete non-existance of the old limitations that used to hold us back.

If you take the time to tune in, you will find that you are more perceptive. Your intuition is stronger than ever. Your connection to all that is… is palpable, undeniable. Your communication with Source, the Universe and your higher self is instantaneous. The veil is thinning. Can you see through it…

from the inside?


* Osho Zen Tarot card deck, by Osho


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