Dolphin ~ Playfulness

Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.
Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.

Dolphin ~ Playfulness: “Time to play.”

“You are thinking too much and doing too much, such that you are disconnected from your feelings. The best way to integrate your intellect, emotions, and actions, believe it or not, is through play. You have been analyzing this and that and strategizing for the future at the cost of ignoring the present and a more basic need to let go and just have some fun. Get away from all that through play, and you will find that your thinking is much clearer and more insightful.

There are a couple of ways to play. One is a structured activity or game. This is a great avenue for socializing and playing with other people. Another is – hold on, now – spontaneous play. You cannot plan to be spontaneous, but you can simply be spontaneous. All it takes is the right attitude. You can do this anywhere, even at work. Dance, sing, or make a joke. It will help you lose your mind for a while, or at least bring it into balance with your body and your feelings. And stop taking all of this so seriously! It is only life!

Additional Associations Of This Card:

Communication; Breath; Community; Guidance:*

– Stephen D Farmer

The message that is coming in right now is that we are somewhat missing the  point of this Earthly adventure. The whole reason we came to experience this physical realm. That we are blessed with all of our senses. That our skin is full of nerve endings. That our emotions are so big and powerful. That we have the ability to feel love in a myriad of ways.

We are here to experience joy, love, fulfillment, ecstasy… even pain. We are here… to experience. To live life physically. We are here to revel in the joy of tangibility. Feel the wind on our faces. Feel the pull of our heart-strings when a loved one smiles at us, takes our hand, holds our gaze. Feel the energy from each other, the plants, animals, flowers, trees, moon, sun, stars. Touch and taste and smell and see and FEEL… everything. And the best time to do that? In the present of course.

Are you struggling with the Law Of Attraction? Find your joy, strive for alignment with Source, and find this joy with the intention for highest good for all involved. That’s it. That’s the key to it all. Drop the worrying, the serious stuff, the doubt, the regret, the fear, the second guessing and over-analyzing, and get out there and live. Get out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Find your passion and live it. Step away from your past, stand in your truth, shed the projections that others have placed upon you and be authentically YOU.

And have FUN doing it!

Play. Breathe. Enjoy. Receive.

Commit to happiness.

And everything else will follow.


* Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.


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