Squirrel ~ Preparation

Squirrel ~ Preparation, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer
Squirrel ~ Preparation, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Squirrel ~ Preparation, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Squirrel ~ Preparation: “Get ready for big changes.”

“Feel the anticipation of what you know is coming. Get everything ready and in place. This can be a new job, a new relationship, or a major move. There will no doubt be some challenges, but you can prepare for them i a number of ways. The most important kind of readiness has to do with your mind. How smoothly you move through these changes is totally dependent on your attitude, thoughts, and beliefs. There is no need to scurry, no need to worry. Rather than rush, make each movement count. If you worry, it will just make everything a lot harder. Just do what you have to do to prepare.

Do not get so bogged down in making list after list. This can help, but at this time it is better to stay active, focused, and purposeful in your efforts. Get a sense of where you are going, even if you may change course later on. Rely on family and close friends for support before and during this transition. And most important, keep breathing!

Additional Associations For This Card: Gathering; Activity; Alertness; Guardian.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

You have been working on manifesting your dreams, and this is going to require some fairly large shifts and changes coming up very soon in your life… are you ready? What would you need to do, right now, to feel like you could face these changes prepared? Well, as prepared as you will ever be, anyway! Remember the preparation can be getting into the right mindset! It is about feeling your way into it fearlessly, letting all your fears and doubts go. There is no room for the “what if’s” to take up your energy, only forward thinking.

However, there may be some physical preparation to be done too. Some de-cluttering? Some detoxifying? Some researching? Getting rid of the old and making space for the new will speed up the manifestation process. Detoxifying your body and your mind will create clarity and focus in your thoughts. Researching your options will arm you with the information you need and take the fear out of your decision making process.

This is also the perfect time to create a tribe of supportive and like-minded people. You will benefit greatly from all the support you can get in allowing others to assist you. This is also a time to steer clear of those people who refuse to support you. Step back from toxic, draining or negative people and situations and create more space for love in your life. If you need assistance, ask your angels and guides to send you the people you need to associate with in order to make the smoothest transition possible. They will send you loving, generous and understanding people who will help you see your own worth. And you can, in turn, help them to see theirs.

Breathe through the challenges and welcome your dreams to come true.


* Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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  1. Pat Nichols says:

    Always appreciate your messages. Hope you know that. Thank you so much.

    Blessings, Pat

    “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” Jack Gilbert

    1. Thanks Pat! Very much appreciate your message! Hope you are doing well! Blessings, love and light!

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