Horse ~ Freedom

Horse ~ Freedom
Horse ~ Freedom, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Horse ~ Freedom, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Horse ~ Freedom: “You always have a choice.”

“Let go of the illusion that you are somehow a victim. Know that you always have a choice in any and every situation. Take responsibility for the consequences of that choice, and stop holding on to any beliefs that you have to somehow suffer through or endure the circumstances of that choice. Once you fully allow this reality, you will automatically shift into experiencing greater control over your life. You ca choose to do whatever you want: to wander about or to stay in place; to go forward, backward, or eve sideways; to be dependent or autonomous; to continue doing what you are presently doing, or to alter your course, perhaps to pursue Spirit’s calling.

Your soul has mad ea choice to incarnate into the body and being of the one you are now. Once your surrender to that fact, it becomes even more difficult to play the victim, and your ultimate trust in life becomes magnified. You can choose to hear and respond to that inner voice or to quell it and run from it. So choose. Do what makes your soul sing, and do it with gusto and passion.

Additional Associations For This Card: Integrity; Compromise; Speed; Agility.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Do you believe you can change your life, starting right now? If you believe you can, or you believe you cannot… you are correct, well at least for now. If you believe that you are merely a victim of the circumstances that surround you, then you will be just that. Until you decide that you can change it. Then, in a heart beat of shifted perception, you can change everything. You can change directions completely, or you can change something small which will have lasting effects. The first domino is no larger than the rest, but it gets them all moving doesn’t it?

When we convince ourselves we are victims, we have given our power away to someone else for the time being. We allow them to dictate how we feel about ourselves, and how we present ourselves to others. When we decide to take back the reins, it may take some work to get going in the right direction, but once we decide to do so, anything is possible.

Who has your power right now? Do you have it, or have you given it away? How precious of a commodity is it for you? Is it worth taking back now? Are you finally ready to create for yourself what you truly desire? It’s all on the menu, you just have to know that it is for you as much as for anyone else. You are worthy, deserving, divine and destined for great things. As soon as you decide you are. As soon as you surrender to the Universe and finally allow the assistance you are asking for to come through.

Abundance? Check. Prosperity? Check. Health? Check. Infinite possibility? Check. Limitless, boundless, fathomless love? Check.

We’re all ready to go here.

Are you ready?


* Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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