Just Breathe

Just Breathe, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart, by John Holland
Just Breathe, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart, by John Holland

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Just Breathe, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart, by John Holland

Just Breathe ~ Key Words: “Step back, reconnect, rest, recharge.”

“So much time and effort can be expended in maintaining current relationships or in creating new ones that it is easy to forget to just stop and breathe once in a while. This life is not just about connecting with the Divine and your Higher Self. This is a good time to take a break from your personal relationships and reconnect with your spiritual self. Set aside a few minutes every day to sit quietly and just “be”.

In addition to caring for your spiritual self, look after your physical body. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise. Treat yourself to a movie, or take a walk in nature. Step away from any cares around matters of the heart, and just breathe. By taking time for yourself, you will recharge your emotional batteries and have more energy to invest in your relationships.”*

– John Holland

Did you set your intentions with the new moon? This is the time to do it! We have had some powerful cosmic energy over the last few months, and this is the perfect time to reconnect with ourselves and check in with where we are focusing our attentions.

Have you spent a lot of time lately worrying about your loved ones and neglecting your own self-care? Spring is the perfect time to make some necessary changes in your diet, exercise and spiritual practices. Take a look at your current lifestyle. Are there some changes that could be made to maximize your energy? Are you getting enough quality sleep? If not, could you try to get to bed early, take a break from the media and electronics and give your body the rest it requires to rebuild cells and maintain optimal function? How is your diet? Are you nourishing your body with high quality, whole and natural foods? Preferably organic or local? Are you mindful or your salt and sugar consumption? Limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake? Refusing artificial sweeteners and food additives? Your body will thank you with each of these vital steps to improve its well-being. Hydration is also crucial for us to process and release toxins, rebuild and repair tissue and also makes a huge impact on our energy levels. Pure, filtered water is essential to all life!

Finally, are you really making time for your spiritual evolution? Ascension is serious business! It takes time and patience and silence and contemplation. It takes dedication and commitment to yourself. And it is worth every moment spent. How can you carve out a little extra time every day to connect to your higher self? How can you get outside and breathe some fresh air and commune with elementals and the nature spirits? How can you incorporate yoga and meditation into your life as routinely as you do brushing your teeth or getting dressed… as something non-negotiable?

Take some time to reflect on ways that you can improve your own health and wellness. Know that as you do so, you will also help those around you to make healthful decisions. This will raise your vibration and provide you with the best possible foundation to assist you in your journey to raise your consciousness.


* Psychic Tarot For The Heart, by John Holland


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  1. Irmide says:

    Thank you for the daily message It really is helpful.

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