The Queen Of Laughter

Published June 8, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Queen Of Laughter, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

The Queen Of Laughter, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Queen Of Laughter, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

The Queen Of Laughter: “Art of Joy ~ Lightness ~ Fun”

The Queen Of Laughter: She is always ready to leap joyously into a situation, grinning mischievously and fluttering her lovely wings as she lands in your soup, on your clean shirt, or in your very serious thoughts. She is out to have fun and she wants you to come with her. A sense of fun and joy can do more good than almost anything else in most situations. wherever this queen goes she spreads joy, and when you travel with her you can’t help but spread it too. Be a little daring. Do something. In Faerie, joy is a serious business. Faeries have perfected the art of joy and passing it onto humans whenever they can. Sometimes we do not see it that way.

Often Faeries will do things that bring them much joy while we feel more annoyed than anything else at their antics (sock stealing, and car key hiding are good examples). When this happens, when you cannot find your keys anywhere, stop for a moment and listen. You may just be able to hear the silvery laugh of The Queen Of Laughter as she leaps between the worlds dangling your keys on her fingertips. Say hello, give her a smile, and she might just do the same for you. Pass her joy on to a friend or lover and watch your relationship blossom.”*

– Brian and Wendy Froud

When was the last time you allowed yourself to lighten up and have some fun? Tapped into your mischievous side? Flirted a little or played a practical joke? The Queen of Laughter is here to tell you that you need to lighten up, and NOW!

As adults we take life so very seriously. There are bills to be paid, children to take care of, work that never seems to end. We end the day feeling stressed out and often turn to mind numbing media or substances to calm us down and distance us from the seriousness of life. This is a call to find your inner joker and have some lighthearted fun.

If this sounds just too silly to bother with, start by shaking things up a little… literally. Dance, move, shake your arms and legs, skip, do some jacks, a cart-wheel or a somersault… or just jump up and down. Moving your body in new ways helps to move any old, dense energies and instantly raises your vibration. Then let the fun begin! Play your favourite song, and sing loudly to it. Call up a friend and tell them a funny story. Play a harmless prank on your spouse. Bounce on the trampoline or play hide and seek with your kids.

And the next time your keys go missing, or you can’t find your glasses, know that The Queen Of Laughter is trying to send you a message!

Lighten up!


* Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud


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