Today’s Post

Cosmic Owl

Hello Everyone,

Every once in a while, especially lately, for some reason that I can’t quite figure out… my blog doesn’t publish! Today is, yet again, one of those days.

I was getting all stressed out about it when I got a very clear message from the Angels. The reason this happens is that the message from the previous day is of extra importance. Did you get a chance to read yesterday’s blog post Completion? If not, please take a moment to do so.

Today, my message to everyone is, where do you need completion in your life in order to move forward? Feel free to share on my Facebook page and we can all set the intention for each other that we move with grace and ease through what is necessary for our growth, (even if it is painful), and through to the other side. Let’s create set the intention that we create the life of our dreams as we do so.

Know that you are a beautiful soul, and worthy of the abundance and blessings coming to you now.
And so it is.

Blessings, love and light.
Dee, Archangel Oracle :0)


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