Dragonfly ~ Illusion

Dragonfly, from the Power Animal Tarot Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Dragonfly, from the Power Animal Tarot Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Dragonfly ~ Illusion: “You know who you really are”

“You are a master of illusion, particularly in the guises you wear for others. This is gift that was born in travails of your childhood, an adaptation that once served you will. These masks do serve a purpose because you can be whoever you need to be in any situation. Yet it can also be easy to fool yourself into thinking that any of these personas are the real you. The truth is that you do not need to rely on these false personas anymore! On occasion they will come in handy, but at this point it is time to let the “you” of who you are show up in all your varied expressions and manifestations.

One of the more popular ruses you run on yourself is pretending that you do not know the truth. In other words, you play dumb, hoping that because others like to feel superior, you can indulge them in this way. Yet inwardly you can be smug and secretly indulge in your own illusion of superiority. Once you acknowledge the truth, they you will know what to do. And by that acknowledgment and acceptance, you accept the truth of who you are.

Additional Associations For This Card: Colourfulness; Mirage; Mystery; Deception.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

One of the biggest illusions we subject ourselves to is seeing ourselves as weak, incapable, victims or unable to create our heart’s desire. We are masters of illusion when it comes to deceiving ourselves into thinking that life happens “to us” rather than is created around us. This is a big step in the ladder of higher consciousness; taking responsibility for how our lives look and knowing that no matter what they look like we likely had a hand in it’s creation. Yes, it is easier to blame others or circumstance. Yes it is easier to feel as if change is not an option. Yet, we have the power to change all that. We just need to have faith that we can.

Dragonfly comes to tell us no matter how much Soul searching we do, and no matter how much confusion or chaos surrounds us; we know who we really are and we are always able to step into our own power. We must simply decide to fearlessly do so. This may be particularly challenging for those of us who like to see our loved ones and those close to us as happy… even at our own expense. Us people pleasers have it a little tougher cuz we have to move forward despite opposition from others who we have pacified in the past by compromising ourselves. Even though they may not welcome the change in us, eventually it will feel so necessary it will be the only path leading us to expansion, light and love.

So who are you… really?

And when are you going to share this authentic YOU with the world?


* Power Animal Tarot Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    Words I need to hear, just as I need to hear them. Thank you!

  2. Thank you I am doing this at this very moment in time my love xx

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