Believing In Magic

Believing In Magic, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn
Believing In Magic, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Believing In Magic, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Believing In Magic: “True Magic Is Abounding In My Life!”

Believing In Magic ~ Card Meaning: “It is indeed a magical Universe. Spiritual dimensions and mystical realms are only a through away. The key to opening these doors is to trust in something that you cannot see or hear. You can have doubts yet still believe in a vast and mysterious universe, where signs, symbols, and coincidences reveal secret messages. Even if your faith is the size of a mustard seed, magic can abound. Believe!

The Universe wants you to know: Some things are true, even if you do not believe them. It is hard to comprehend how something as heavy as a jumbo jet can fly, but it does. When you make an overseas call, it is hard to believe that your voice travels into space and bounces back, but it does. And it is sometimes hard to believe that angels are looking over us, but they are. Here’s to believing in magic.

Questions to ask yourself: How can I access even more magic in my life? What is the most important way for me to step into true magic? If I truly believed in magic, in what ways would my life be different?”*

– by Denise Linn

We are way to serious! We need to lighten up and have some fun, release all those fears and worries and raise our vibration while we are at it. The fastest way to raise your vibration is to smile, laugh, dance, sing and frolic! Find that inner child and play. The lighter and brighter you are, the more light and bright people, situations and opportunities will come your way. Shake things up by getting out there and doing something you love… if possible with someone you love, and yes, pets count! They definitely know how to have fun. Do you have any children in your life? Spend some time with them at the beach, making cookies, building a fort, or making a craft. Watch how easily they light up doing something they consider to be fun. If you have a dog, get outside and chase around, play tug or toss a ball around. Let your pet’s enthusiasm lift your spirits. If you don’t have a pet, consider going to the local shelter and taking a dog out for a much needed walk. Take a Zumba class. Go eat a cupcake in the park. Just find a way to connect to your own inner child that resonates with you in a fun, light and playful way.

When we see the Universe with awe and wonder, it will go to extremes to impress us. Miracles will come in the form of rainbows and spectacular sunsets. Synchrinicity will be unmistakable. Signs and messages will abound. This is magic. Simple, profound and very real magic. Acknowledge it and send gratitude and watch the Universe blow your socks off with more, bigger and better.

Find the magic in everything.

This is going to be FUN!


* Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn


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