Pachamama, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Pachamama, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

Pachamama: “Healing ~ Wholing ~ Holy”

“I sing a song of love

From the stones of my body

from the high peaks of my mountains

from the hot sands of my deserts

I caress you with green leaves

green plants

green grasses

I bathe you in greenery

and feed you from my breast

the earth

I soothe you with sparkling waters

refresh you in my oceans

My song of love for you

is my body

the earth

there to feed you

clothe you

home you

Learn my song

and it will heal you

sing my song and it will whole you

dance with me and you will be holy”

Mythology: “To the pre-Incan people of Peru and Bolivia, Pachamama (pronounced pah’cho-ma-ma) or Maapacha, is the Earth, worshipped in her many forms: the tilled fields, her mountains seen as breasts, the flowing rivers as her milk. To ensure good harvests, corn meal is sprinkled at planting and rituals celebrating her are performed. When the people fail to honor her, this dragon Goddess sends earthquakes as a reminder.

Meaning of the card: Pachamama waits for you with open arms. It is time to open to Pachamama’s embrace. Now is the time to heal/whole and remember your holiness, remember yourself as a sacred being. Do you feel a connection with Earth Mother as a living entity or do you consider the earth an inert rock beneath your feet? Are you in the middle of some emotional pain that nothing seems to ease do you eat food and drink water without giving thanks to the earth? Are you looking for answers to questions? Do you spend time tin nature opening to the earth and her vital energies? Opening to Pachamama can occur anyplace. You can commune with her in a city park, your own back yard, some remote forest, jungle or desert. Pachamama says that healing/wholing is nurtured when you open to her.”*

– by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto

We simply cannot climb any further up the ladder of higher consciousness without paying tribute to our vital connection to our amazing planet Earth. She is our everything; and it is time that we learn to live in reverence to her, offering her the respect that she deserves and the healing that she needs in order to recover from the human race. She selflessly provides us with fresh water, nourishment and material for shelter yet we squander her precious resources and fight over them like toddlers in a sand box. We toss away our life blood every time we do this, and we injure her in the process.

Pachamama is here to demand change, and it has everything to do with how we think of ourselves and what we are capable of doing, even as one little person in the overall scheme of things. It’s so easy to feel powerless and not make the necessary changes. It’s too easy to go along with the bare minimum standards set by our municipality or our city. Yet we can go above and beyond in our own everyday living, and teach those close to us that this really is the only way.

Start with knowing that you, as an individual, can make a difference. Then do everything in your power to live a life of connection, gratitude, compassion and respect; for the Earth herself and every living thing.

This is the first step to changing everything.

Know it in every fibre of your being.


* Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto



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