Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Martin Duguay
Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Energy: “Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Everything we think and feel flows out into the world like radio waves. Whether we intend to broadcast our feelings and thoughts does not matter, as it happens automatically. Human consciousness is like the World Wide Web. We transmit and receive information (energy). All in life is energetically interconnected. You may be missing someone who is a long way from you, or you may be saddened by a loved one’s passing. Through this card, this person wants to make their presence felt. They want you to know that they have not left you and will never leave, for you are forever connected by invisible threads of love”.

“Love is energy. Love transcends time and space. There is positive energy all around me. I am spiritually connected to those I love. Time and space does not exist within my Soul.”*

~ by Martin Duguay

We can put on a happy face and fool those around us… to a point. If they are intuitive, they may sense something is amiss, yet they must truly be in tune to follow their own instincts rather than take us at face value. For most of the time, even if we do have an issue or are feeling low or down for whatever reason, we are masters of disguise. We hide our shadow selves, afraid that showing these perceived negative emotions make us less likable or even lovable. We fear being labled or judged or compared to those who seem to have it more together. So we stuff the feelings deep down, paste a smile on our face and get on with life.

Yet, these stuffed feelings have a way of catching up with us. They can even cause havok on our health over time. They can cause resentment, anxiety and depression. They can hold us back as we use them as filters to see our futures. We must acknowledge them, feel them and allow them to be processed before we can release them. In releasing them, we make space for new energies; and this is what makes all the difference.

The Universe is not fooled by our happy face, it only goes with how we are feeling. The emotions that we put out are the radio signals that work as magnets. This however, does not mean that we cannot create an amazing life for ourselves if we are having a bad day, missing someone, or have circumstances beyond our control that have let us down. What it means is being true to what you are feeling means that you must feel it. Move through it and past it, knowing that it will always get better, that the future is brighter. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Always. No exceptions.

If you are experiencing stuck energies, shake things up! Move it through your body by allowing it to surface and wash through you. It’s OK to be angry or sad. Feel it and release it. Say a prayer of forgiveness for yourself. Practice yesterday’s simple act of self love breathing technique. Then move forward fearlessly.

We are all energy. We are all connected. Love is the thread that weaves us together.

You are loved.

You are love.


*Oracle Of The Angels, by Martin Duguay

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  1. Fozia says:

    Incredible… “threads of love across time and space “… on the day that marks the passing of my father 30 years ago, and still raw in pain and loss, seeing the family still floundering without his stewardship. How amazing that this card has come through today! It has given me a confidence & comforting boost! Thank you!

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