Our Lady Of Starting Over

Our Lady Of Starting Over, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Our Lady Of Starting Over, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Starting Over, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Starting Over: “Soon it will be time to leave something behind you. I know that you may grieve this loss, even when you know deep within, that it is the best to let it go. Allow me to nourish you with the courage you need, and the realization that this change is happening so that you can flourish and thrive. Your growth serves the growth of others too. You shall not cause loss or harm to that which you are releasing. All moves in my grace. Surrender your fear and doubt, and trust in my unconditional loving grace for all beings.

All situations have their purpose, but new purpose is calling you forward now. Even though it might be unfamiliar territory that you are feeling attracted towards, don’t try to hide from it or avoid it. The Mother is guiding you, telling you that this is indeed the right way forward. The timing may already be happening or will be happening soon. There is no need to force things, for you will know when it is time to move on. Yet this oracle tells you, if it doesn’t feel like time yet, it soon will.

What will this moving on look like? It could be literal, as in the end of a relationship or a business arrangement, or a change in where you live. It could be a letting go of an old identity or belief system. Or it may even be the releasing of a set of limitations that you placed on yourself because you thought that those limitations were appropriate for your age, your role in life, or some other reason, and now you are questioning that.

Our Lady Of Starting Over comes with guidance to forgive, and live, and let live. Guidance to feel all your emotions, and to make peace as honestly as you can with whatever has transpired; not to be “good” but to be free. Remember that people act according to their consciousness and wounds, perhaps doing the best that they can in the circumstance, but still not being very skillful or aware. They may cause harm, but you can move past this, even if pain was inflicted upon you personally. In time, with the mother’s help, you will feel acceptance and peace through cultivating an awareness that they must have a reason for acting in that way, and their reason has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own consciousness and wounding. How you respond to the pain of the past is what is relevant to your own growth now.

Our Lady Of Starting Over arises when you need hep to put the past – especially a painful past – to rest. You are entering into a time when the loving mother’s support will be helpful as you step onto a new path.

She says that you are entitled to be free from all that has been. Free to treat each and every moment as a completely fresh start, so as to release guilt and shame, and to feel empowered to choose now, based on what is in your heart.

She says that her heart is larger thank all your past suffering or confusion, so trust in her to help love you through this transition and support you in starting over now. All is well, beloved. Do not worry or fear. You can trust the flow of your life, and when you need to take a step – when the timing is right, deep within – with the Mother’s assistance, you will know when to act and what to do. If you have been praying for a new start but are yet to feel that it is happening, this oracle comes with this special message for you. Your new beginning is on its way to you now. Stay in the faith of your heart and trust in the Mother’s Divine timing for you. There are some final connections, communications and resolutions that need to happen for the current phase of life to be completed karmically. It won’t be long now, and soon you will be ready and free to move on with a fresh start and a refreshed heart.”*

~by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

This message from Mother Mary is imbued with the love and light that she radiates always. Can you feel her nurturing, protective and all-encompassing shield around you? She surrounds us with support and always accepts us exactly as we are. She sees our Divine light shining through right from our Souls. She encases us in protective light as we move through this pivotal time in our lives. We are about to start a brand new chapter, and she will be there with love and support every step of the way.

In gratitude, I accept the assistance, support and unconditional love of the great Mother Mary.


*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud


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  1. Lydia says:

    This has truly touched my soul today. In gratitude and appreciation thank you for sharing.

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you, Our Lady of Starting Over, Beautiful, Love, Amazing words, Amen

  3. Annie says:


  4. Annie says:

    for support, happiness, caring

  5. Yihan Felix says:

    Wow…. Thank you. I needed this guidance. I want to move to a new place to live but I want to ensure myself and daughters can start fresh and survive. The universal spirits I call upon you to guide me in my venture whisper in my awakening days and my dreams at night I await your guidance.Amen

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