Embracing The Future

Embracing The Future, from the Gateway Oracle card deck, by Denise Linn
Embracing The Future, from the Gateway Oracle card deck, by Denise Linn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Embracing The Future, from the Gateway Oracle card deck, by Denise Linn

Embracing The Future: “I step into the future with an open heart.”

Card Meaning: “What is expected in life tends to be realized.”

“What is expected in life tends to be realized. If you anticipate an amazing, joyous, healthy, prosperous future, this is more likely to occur for you than if you assume the worst. Expect the best; be open for anything. Imagine your life filled with happiness. Your wondrous future is resting on the horizon of your soul, shimmering and bright.

The Universe wants you to know: “Today is yesterday’s future, and in every moment you are creating your future. If you are patiently waiting for the future to bring you joy and contentment, your desired outcome may never arrive. But if you learn to create happiness now, your days will be filled with pleasure and bliss. It is great to have a dream; however, if you do not learn to find satisfaction in the meantime, you ma not notice when your dreams come true. The purpose of life is not about manifesting your desires – it is about discovering the inner gifts of the heart, and experiencing and sharing joy. Be happy … now. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Questions to ask yourself: What is my probable future? If I am not satisfied with it, what action steps do I need to take? what is my greatest contribution to the future?”*

~by Denise Linn

I love the synchronicity of this card following yesterdays message. Imagine that after all that fear and trepidation, we did pick the new path. We faced our fears and started on our transformational journey. And here we are, walking through the threshold of a brand new, bright and wondrous future. We definitely made the right decision and yes! We are on the right path.

I have talked many times about how the Law Of Attraction really works, harnessing our emotions and using them to manifest our reality. Raising our vibration is all about taking steps to create positive emotions in our lives. It is about managing our thoughts and expectations, keeping them set high and keeping an element of positive curiosity in place. It is about knowing that the Universe is a benevolent force that we can work with, not against, in creating our dreams. It is about surrounding ourselves with love, starting from within.

When we experience happiness, joy and peace, we need to stop and send gratitude, the surefire magnet to more of the same.

When we have bad days, or face challenging times, we need to have compassion and know that things will always get better. We need to be gentle with ourselves and not succumb to feeling that we don’t deserve any better. Simply ask your angels to give you clear signs of their love and support, knowing that your future is as bright as you can dare to imagine.

Then fearlessly step through that door into the future with an open heart and open mind.


*Gateway Oracle card deck, by Denise Linn

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