The Bard

The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid
The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Bard: “Music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of storytelling.”

The Messengers Of Avalon

“This card represents music, storytelling; and the passing of truths, myths, and legends from generation to generation through the spoken word or song. In ancient Avalon, the traditions and stories of the people were gathered on leaves that served as letters in a living alphabet and were tended in vast, long houses. Here the Druids and priestesses came to read and weave the stories of magic and the scared relationship to the God and Goddess and the Mystery.

Those schooled in the art of music and storytelling were given the task of informing their world and keeping the stories of their culture alive. They were given the name of Bard.

When the Bard appears, you are asked to seek answers in your personal history. Go back into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality, and trace their length back to the present. Perhaps you will be surprised by how much of your past, or that of your ancestors, still weaves its influence on you today.

When the Bard appears, he asks you to retrieve the stories woven in the past. Perhaps you need to learn about the history of someone, or something important to your inquiry. The seeds of the future are always hidden in the soil of the past. It is time to dig a little to find the clarity you need. Do not be afraid to learn the patterns of history. The only way to honor them or change them is to know them.

Perhaps it is time to listen to music and allow yourself to be carried into the land of memory and listen for its messages as the strings of your soul are strummed by the hand of the Divine.

Remember that the Bard appears to help you stay in tune with the All That Is. You are music, and your story is sung in the Heavens.”*

~ by Colette Baron-Reid

What patterns are repeating themselves in your life? Have you fallen into the same relationship pattern over and over, but with different partners? Have you found yourself suffering the same type of boss at different jobs? Have you found landlords particularly difficult to deal with? Or is there family matters that keep coming at you, over and over again

Patterns are repetition of learning opportunities. They are directly linked to our karma, and are a vital part of the reason we came here. And most importantly, whether we like it or not, patterns are us, refusing to learn the lesson, over and over and over again…. get it?

Once we get the lesson, we don’t have to learn it again, we can move on up the ladder of consciousness in new and expansive ways. We can shift our perceptions permanently. We can access the deep resources of creative manifestation to more peaceful circumstances. We can set ourselves free of the frustration and heartache.

So, what lesson needs to be learned? I will give you a hint: It is most likely about self worth. That’s a biggie! It comes in many forms. Whether it is linked to being “deserving” of love, of money, of material stuff, of a boss who sees you as capable or a partner who sees you as equal and worthy.

First, it comes from how we see… and LOVE ourselves.

How much do you, love you?

Unconditionally? Warts and all? Darkside too? Complete acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude?

Get there and anything is possible.

And I mean anything.


*Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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  1. Hermine says:

    Thanks you your accuracy this morning brought tears to my eyes
    self worth , self love are my lessons to learn and share

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