Breakthrough, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho
Breakthrough, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Breakthrough, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho

Breakthrough: “The predominance of red in this card indicates a glance that its subject is energy, power, and strength. The brilliant glow emanates from the solar plexus, or center of power on the figure, and the posture is one of exuberance and determination.

All of us occasionally reach a point when “enough is enough.” At such times it seems we must do something, anything, even it it later turns out to be a mistake, to throw off the burdens and restrictions that are limiting us. If we do not, they threaten to suffocate us and cripple our very life energy itself.

If you are now feeling that “enough is enough,” allow yourself to take the risk of shattering the old patterns and limitations that have kept your energy from flowing. In doing so you will be amazed at the vitality and empowerment this Breakthrough can bring into your life.

To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master. The psychotherapist simply patches you up. That is his function. He is not there to transform you. You need metapsychology, the psychology of the Buddhas.

It is the greatest adventure in life to go through a breakdown consciously. It is the greatest risk because there is no guarantee that the breakdown will become a breakthrough. It does become, but these things cannot be guaranteed. Your chaos is very ancient – for many, many lives you have been in chaos. It is thick and dense. It is almost a universe in itself. So when you enter into it with your small capacity, of course there is danger. But without facing this danger nobody has ever become integrated, nobody has ever become an individual, indivisible.

Zen, or meditation is the method which will help you to go through the chaos, through the dark night of the soul, balanced, disciplined, alert. The dawn is not far away, but before you can reach the dawn, the dark night has to be passed through. And as the dawn comes closer, the night will be come darker.”*

– Osho

We all have moments where we entertain change, then turn a blind eye to these desires and doggedly return to the routine. We have moments of lucidity, where we suddenly rise above the chaos, and can see the broader picture, the truth. Like swimming up to the surface and breaking through, breathing in the fresh, clean air and feeling the sun on our faces… then being dragged back down into the muck by our ever present fear.

We have come too far to back down now, and it’s time to slay the dragon. Believe that you can do this, and move forward fearlessly, knowing that there really is no backwards… not any longer. Yes, it may seem dark and scary, but have you “let your eyes adjust?” maybe, just maybe, it is all a matter of perspective. Maybe once your eyes adjust to the dark, you will see that the monster is not nearly as large as he seemed, that your sword is much larger than you realized, and that you don’t even need the armor you have been dragging along for so long.

Victory is yours, but you must walk forward, one step at a time, into and through your fear, knowing that there is only light on the other side.

Or, you could just bust straight through it… your choice.


* Breakthrough, from the Osho Zen Tarot Card deck, by Osho


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  1. Mia says:

    Thank you for this message..very timely..Blessings

  2. Deborah Meyer says:

    Hello there, Any idea how to find a ticket to the Doreen Virtue event in orange county Ca?The event sold out and I would really like to be there.

    Thank you,

    Deborah Meyer

    1. Hi Deborah, I am not sure but maybe go on her facebook fanpage and request an extra ticket there if anyone can’t make it maybe you can purchase their ticket. Just make sure it’s a legitimate seller. Good luck!

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