Five Of Emotion

Five Of Emotion
Five Of Emotion, from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Five Of Emotion, from the Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Five Of Emotion: “Forgiveness is an important part of healing. Forgive yourself and those around you for any mistakes of the past so that everyone can move forward. Grieving is a normal part of life. Ask your angels or those you love to help you move through the process quickly so that you can get back on the path to joy.

One of the most important spiritual tenets is self forgiveness. As humans, we make mistakes from time to time. Focusing too much on those errors does not serve us, but only holds us back. When things do not go the way we intended, it is very important to forgive, forget, and then look for the new opportunity that always presents itself when our original path is blocked.

Grieving a loss is a normal and healthy part of life, but you do not have to do it alone. There are angels around you in both spiritual and human form who can help you to heal. Embrace their loving energy so that you can move forward through recovery and back onto the path of joy.

Additional meanings of this card: Accepting and forgiving mistakes. Knowing when to ask for help. A tendence towards the dramatic. A change in focus. Misplaced items.”*

~by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Yesterday we were healing the past and today we are releasing through forgiveness. Starting with forgiving ourselves for any hand we may have had in those past hurts. We can set ourselves free by accepting responsibility, acknowledging the mistake, seeing ourselves with compassion and finally, forgiving and releasing the old pain. There is no point in holding our hearts hostage for our past choices, we are not the same person that made those decisions, we have already learned a lesson, we need not be punished by reliving it over and over again.

There is a reason for everything we go through, no matter how painful. Sometimes the lesson is simply to see ourselves for the beautiful and sometimes vulnerable Soul that we are, with a heart so big we can even forgive others before we give ourselves the same precious gift.

Forgiveness is the path to liberation. It is the way through the door to the new, knowing that once the lesson is learned, there is no more fear of it being relived. We can forgive and move forward into the Light.

With a pen and paper and some time to yourself, write yourself the ultimate letter of forgiveness. Go all out. Write it with love and compassion. Write it with total abandon and complete truth. Write it without holding back on one single detail. Let the pen be directed by your heart. Do not let anyone else read what you write, this is for your eyes only. When you are done, you can write a short letter to anyone in your past who you need to forgive and release. Get straight to the facts, this is also for your eyes only so don’t hold back or sugar coat it, just get it out there on paper.

Light up the barbecue. Or the fireplace. Or any method that you can safely burn paper without incurring any injury or damage. Do not leave unattended.

Call your angels and guides, archangels and ascended masters to be with you.

Read each letter once, out loud or to yourself.

Burn each letter and as you do so, hold both hands out, palms to the flames and release all the pent up energy, all that you have held on to for so long.

Let it all go.

Bless and release.

You can start fresh now, creating the life of your dreams. Your past, your pain, your perceived blocks and obstacles have been removed.

I AM peace.


*Guardian Angel Tarot Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

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